Exploration of Cortical Function

Imaging and Modeling Cortical Population Coding Strategies

  • MartinĀ Stetter

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About this book


Exploration of Cortical Function summarizes recent research efforts aiming at the revelation of cortical population coding and signal processing strategies. Topics include optical detection techniques of population activity in the sub-millimeter range, advanced methods for the statistical analysis of these data, and biologically inspired neuronal modeling techniques for population activities in the frameworks of optimal coding, statistical learning theory, and mean-field recurrent networks.

Exploration of Cortical Function is unique in that it covers one complete branch of population-based brain research ranging from techniques for data acquisition over data analysis up to modeling techniques for the quantification of functional principles. The volume covers an area which is of great current interest to researchers working on cerebral cortex. The combination of models and image analysis techniques to examine the activity of large cohorts of neurons is especially intriguing and prone to considerable error and debate.


anatomy biologically inspired computational neuroscience cortex image analysis knowledge learning learning theory modeling neurons neurophysiology neuroscience physiology

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