Extragalactic Radio Sources

  • David S. Heeschen
  • Campbell M. Wade

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. J. H. Oort
    Pages 1-11
  3. H. Andernach, R. Wielebinski
    Pages 13-20
  4. M. Birkinshaw, M. C. H. Wright
    Pages 27-28
  5. N. S. Soboleva, Y. N. Parijskij
    Pages 33-34
  6. J. Stocke, W. Christiansen, J. Burns
    Pages 39-40
  7. F. D. Ghigo, L. Rudnick, K. J. Johnston, P. A. Wehinger, S. Wyckoff
    Pages 43-44
  8. Jack O. Burns, Jean A. Eilek, Frazer N. Owen
    Pages 45-46
  9. Lawrence Rudnick
    Pages 47-49
  10. W. A. Christiansen, A. G. Pacholczyk, John S. Scott
    Pages 51-52
  11. P. A. Shaver, I. J. Danziger, R. D. Ekers, R. A. E. Fosbury, W. M. Goss, D. Malin et al.
    Pages 55-57
  12. P. J. Duffett-Smith, A. Purvis
    Pages 59-60
  13. Wil van Breugel, Tim Heckman
    Pages 61-64
  14. R. A. E. Fosbury
    Pages 65-67
  15. David S. De Young
    Pages 69-70
  16. S. E. Okoye, P. N. Okeke
    Pages 75-76
  17. B. Y. Mills, R. W. Hunstead
    Pages 85-86
  18. Richard A. White, Frazer N. Owen, Robert J. Hanisch
    Pages 87-88
  19. G. Gavazzi, W. Jaffe
    Pages 89-90
  20. C. Fanti, R. Fanti, L. Feretti, A. Ficarra, I. M. Gioia, G. Giovannini et al.
    Pages 91-92
  21. E. Hummel, J. M. van der Hulst, J. H. van Gorkom, C. G. Kotanyi
    Pages 93-94
  22. J. M. van der Hulst, A. H. Rots
    Pages 95-96
  23. Eric D. Feigelson
    Pages 107-114
  24. R. M. Price, J. A. Graham
    Pages 115-116
  25. James Terrell
    Pages 117-118
  26. R. A. Preston, A. E. Wehrle, D. D. Morabito, D. L. Jauncey, M. Batty, R. F. Haynes et al.
    Pages 119-120
  27. Alan H. Bridle
    Pages 121-128
  28. J. F. C. Wardle, R. I. Potash
    Pages 129-131
  29. Ann C. Gower, J. B. Hutchings
    Pages 133-134
  30. J. W. Dreher
    Pages 135-136
  31. Susan G. Neff
    Pages 137-138
  32. T. J. Cornwell, R. A. Perley
    Pages 139-140
  33. A. G. Willis, R. G. Strom, R. A. Perley, A. H. Bridle
    Pages 141-144
  34. R. H. Sanders
    Pages 145-147
  35. P. A. G. Scheuer
    Pages 163-165
  36. R. G. Conway
    Pages 167-168
  37. I. W. A. Browne, M. J. L. Orr
    Pages 169-172
  38. E. B. Fomalont, A. H. Bridle, G. K. Miley
    Pages 173-174

About this book


IAU Symposium 97, Extragalactic Radio Sources, was held at Albuquerque, New Mexico August 3-7, 1981. It was co-sponsored by IAU Commissions 28, 40, 47 and 48 and by URSI Commission J. Financial and organizational support were provided by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, the University of New Mexico, and the National Science Foundation. A wide variety of interesting objects and phenomena can be covered under the heading "Extragalactic Radio Sources", and a diverse set of topics was in fact discussed at the symposium. Radio galaxies, quasars, Seyfert galaxies and BL Lacertids received the most attention, but normal galaxies, the galactic center, and even SS433 were also discussed. While the unifying theme of the symposium was radio emission, studies at all wavelengths--X-ray, UV, optical, IR, and radio--were included. In general, the emphasis was on individual objects and the physical processes associated with them, but there were also papers on statistical studies and cosmology. The symposium was attended by 209 scientists from 18 countries.


BL Lac object Galaxy Quasar Spiral galaxy relativistic jet stellar

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