The Sperm Cell

Fertilizing Power, Surface Properties, Motility, Nucleus and Acrosome, Evolutionary Aspects Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium on Spermatology, Seillac, France, 27 June–1 July 1982

  • Jean André

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXVI
  2. Evaluation and Control of the Fertilizing Power of Sperm

    1. B. Baccetti, T. Renieri, M. G. Selmi, P. Soldani
      Pages 19-24
    2. Jack Cohen
      Pages 33-37
    3. Ruth Shalgi, Ruth Kaplan, Laslo Nebel
      Pages 47-50
    4. A. Pavlok, J. Petelíková, J.-E. Fléchon
      Pages 51-54
    5. J. Lornage, J. F. Guerin, J. C. Czyba
      Pages 55-58
  3. Surface Properties of Sperm Cells

    1. B. M. Shapiro, R. W. Schackmann, R. Christen
      Pages 67-74
    2. Ruth Shalgi, David M. Phillips
      Pages 90-93
    3. James K. Koehler, Ivan de Curtis, Morton A. Stenchever, Dianne Smith
      Pages 94-98
    4. S. Fournier-Delpech, S. Hamamah, G. Colas, M. Courot
      Pages 103-106
    5. M. Hoshi, R. De Santis, M. R. Pinto, F. Cotelli, F. Rosati
      Pages 107-110
    6. H. M. Florman, P. M. Saling, B. T. Storey
      Pages 111-114
    7. J. F. Reger, M. A. Fain-Maurel, J. P. Dadoune
      Pages 115-118
    8. R. Jones, S. J. Gaunt, C. R. Brown, B. P. Setchell
      Pages 131-134
    9. G. Yasuzumi, N. Yabumoto, Y. Takahashi, M. Tadano, M. Kato
      Pages 135-142
    10. Marta De Almeida, Thérèse Neveu, Brigitte Marquant-Le Guienne
      Pages 143-146
    11. Marianne Klint, Anita Fridberger, Per A. Peterson, Leif Plöen
      Pages 147-150
    12. P. Chardon, J. E. Fléchon, H. Leveziel
      Pages 151-154
    13. C. Jeulin, J. Wiels, M. Casanova, M. Fellous
      Pages 155-158
    14. M. A. Fain-Maurel, J. P. Dadoune, J. F. Reger
      Pages 159-162
    15. S. Fournier-Delpech, S. Hamamah, B. Delaleu, J. L. Courtens, Cl. Pisselet
      Pages 163-166
    16. G. Werner
      Pages 167-170
    17. D. E. Brooks
      Pages 175-178
  4. Nucleus

  5. Acrosome

    1. R. A. P. Harrison
      Pages 259-273
    2. R. De Santis, M. Hoshi, F. Cotelli, M. R. Pinto
      Pages 274-276

About this book


, Jean ANDRE Universite de Paris XI, ORSAY, France. Sperm cells have long been considered as the most highly specialized of all living cells. They surely are, being very diverse, very complex, containing organelles which do not exist in any other cell -such as acrosome or crystallized mitochondria- and being endowed with a very unique behaviour, that is to meet and recognize the ovum, pierce its protective envelopes and inject into its cytoplasm a most precious deposit, the haploid genome of the species. It is Baccio Baccetti's merit to have felt the need for a confrontation of the scientists working on sperm in order to clarify the apparent complexity of the enormous amount of knowledge accumulated on the subject. Thus, he successfully inaugurated the series of the InternationaZ Symposia on SpermatoZogy. The Seillac edition is the fourth in the series. After an initial stage during which morphology was predominant, our meetings have turned more and more towards function. It has been the will of the French Organizing Committee to devote this meeting mainly to Eutherians, and, among those, to man, in connection with the conflicting necessities to help the sterile couples and to contrul the population explosion at the surface of the world.


DNA age antigen cell distribution evaluation evolution head immunoglobulin joint membrane organizations protein proteins radiography

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