First E.C. Conference on Solar Heating

Proceedings of the International Conference held at Amsterdam, April 30-May 4, 1984

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Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxvi
  2. Opening Session

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-2
    2. Albert Strub
      Pages 3-4
    3. W. A. de Jong
      Pages 5-6
    4. T. C. Steemers
      Pages 18-23
  3. Panel Discussion

    1. T. C. Steemers
      Pages 24-27
  4. Closing Address

    1. G. M. V. Van Aardenne
      Pages 28-30
  5. Performance of Solar Heating Systems

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 31-32
    2. G. O. G. Löf, S. Karaki, F. H. Morse
      Pages 47-54
    3. R. Ferraro, R. Godoy
      Pages 60-66
    4. A. Filloux, D. Bienfait, S. Siino
      Pages 67-72
    5. N. V. Baker
      Pages 73-77
    6. M. J. Holtz, J. N. Swisher, D. J. Frey, R. C. Bishop
      Pages 91-100
    7. H. J. Stein, M. Köhnen
      Pages 117-121
    8. Per Holst, Bengt Perers, Heimo Zinko, Leif Eriksson
      Pages 122-127
    9. R. Hanitsch, G. Valentin
      Pages 131-134
    10. P. Achard, B. Amann, D. Mayer
      Pages 146-149
    11. S. Fuller, J. Doggart
      Pages 150-154
  6. Correlation Methods and Design Tools

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 155-155
    2. J. Adnot, B. Bourges, B. Peuportier, W. Dutre, T. C. Steemers
      Pages 156-160
    3. B. L. Evans, W. A. Beckman, J. A. Duffie
      Pages 161-165
    4. R. H. Marshall, J. P. Kenna, P. B. Lloyd
      Pages 166-170
    5. M. J. Holtz, R. G. Derickson, F. D. Teller
      Pages 171-177
    6. P. Brejon, D. Campana, F. Neirac, G. Watremez
      Pages 178-182
    7. Bengt Perers, Heimo Zinko
      Pages 183-189
    8. C. Stambolis, M. Santamouris, M. Valindras, R. Rigopoulos
      Pages 190-195
    9. N. Fisch, E. Hahne
      Pages 208-215
    10. Ch. Eriksson, A. Faist
      Pages 216-220
    11. J. L. Salagnac, B. Delcambre, M. Rubinstein
      Pages 221-224
    12. L. Bourdeau, B. Delcambre, M. Rubinstein
      Pages 225-229
    13. JM. Cardi, P. Nolay
      Pages 235-239

About these proceedings


Contributors to this Conference have shown the wide range of active and passive solar heating systems which have been researched, installed and monitored in recent years throughout western Europe and elsewhere. Yet much remains to be done if solar heating is to reach its full potential. The Conference Committee hopes that this record of the proceedings will provide a basis for the further development of these systems. Many difficulties have been surmounted in arriving at today's position. The foundations of the growing confidence of architects and engineers are to be found in the concerted programmes of research and development mounted by ty,'o of the sponsors of the Conference the European Community and the International Energy Agency. Some of the more tangible products of these programmes have been reported here: component and system behaviour has been subjected to rigorous scientific study; new test facilities have been founded; test procedures devised; simulation methods developed and evaluated; design rules formulated and checked against measured performance. It has been apparent here that the willingness to exchange information and experiences, which has always been a feature of the solar energy scene, remains as strong as ever. A further information-sharing initiative was noted on the part of another sponsor, UNESCO - the setting-up of the European Cooperative Network on Solar Energy, involving countries from both eastern and western Europe.


Solar Pond Solar collector Solar energy Substrat energy storage solar radiation wind

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