Improvement of Myocardial Perfusion

Thrombolysis, angioplasty, bypass surgery

  • Jürgen Meyer
  • Raimund Erbel
  • Hans Jürgen Rupprecht

Part of the Developments in Cardiovascular Medicine book series (DICM, volume 50)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XVIII
  2. Acute myocardial infarction

    1. Frank J. Van Rey, Hans J. Bonnier, Herman R. Michels, Mamdouh I. El Gamal, Hans H. Hoffmann
      Pages 11-14
    2. U. B. Brückner, U. Mittmann, W. W. Saggau
      Pages 25-27
    3. R. Erbel, T. Pop, B. Henkel, G. Schreiner, C. Steuernagel, F. Beck et al.
      Pages 32-41
    4. Jürgen Meyer, Raimund Erbel, Hans Jürgen Rupprecht
      Pages 52-56
  3. Evaluation of improvement of myocardial perfusion

    1. Wolf Rafflenbeul
      Pages 65-73
    2. R. Von Essen, W. Schmidt, R. Uebis, B. Edelmann, S. Effert, J. Silny et al.
      Pages 74-78
    3. J. Schofer, R. Montz, D. G. Mathey, W. Bleifeld
      Pages 79-89
    4. H.-J. Rupprecht, R. Erbel, K.-H. Schöter, G. Schreiner, K.-L. Hennrichs, J. Meyer
      Pages 112-124
  4. Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty

    1. Pathophysiology

      1. Wilfredo Castaneda-Zuniga
        Pages 138-141
    2. Myocardial function during PTCA

      1. Patrick W. Serruys, Victor Ulmans, Guy R. Heyndrickx, Marcel v.d. Brand, Pim J. De Feyter, William Wijns et al.
        Pages 150-165
      2. Bernd Henkel, Raimund Erbel, Werner Clas, Gerhard Schreiner, Helmut Kopp, Tiberius Pop et al.
        Pages 166-173
      3. S. Marra, V. Paolillo, P. F. Angelino, T. Varetto, G. Picciotto, P. G. Defilippi et al.
        Pages 190-193
      4. H. Bahawar, M. Gottwik, J. Lang, M. Kindler, G. Staemmler, M. Schlepper
        Pages 194-197
      5. Peter Probst, Walheide Zangl, Otmar Pachinger
        Pages 198-200
      6. Stéphane Berclaz, Bernhard Meier, Jean-Claude Barthélémy, Wilhelm Rutishauser
        Pages 201-203
      7. P. Schanzenbächer, H. Kahles, G. Liebau, K. Kochsiek
        Pages 204-206
      8. K.-H. Sandring, V. Gliech, W. Dänschel, Christine Müller, K. H. Günther
        Pages 207-209
      9. Paolo Marzullo, Oberdan Parodi, Clara Carpeggiani, Danilo Neglia, Claudio Marcassa, Calogero Bellina et al.
        Pages 210-213
    3. Clinical results

      1. Pierre P. Leimgruber, Andreas R. Gruentzig
        Pages 214-218
      2. J. Meyer, R. Erbel, H. J. Schmitz, T. Pop, K. v. Olshausen, B. Henkel et al.
        Pages 219-230
      3. Geoffrey O. Hartzler, Barry D. Rutherford, David R. McConahay, Warren L. Johnson Jr.
        Pages 231-235
      4. Patrick W. Serruys, William Wijns, Marcel Van Den Brand, Cornelis Slager, Joerg Grimm, Brian E. Jaski et al.
        Pages 236-254
      5. G. Kober, C. Vallbracht, M. Kaltenbach
        Pages 265-270
      6. Mamdouh I. El Gamal, Hans R. Bonnier, Herman R. Michels, Jaqueline M. Heyman, Edmond G. Stassen
        Pages 271-273
      7. M. Fuchs, F. M. McDonald, H. W. Höpp, A. Heinen, J. Kreuzer, G. Arnold et al.
        Pages 277-279
      8. Ulrich W. Busch, Raimund Erbel, Ulrich Pfeiffer, Jürgen Meyer, Günther Blümel, Hans Blömer
        Pages 280-283
      9. Ulrich W. Busch, Roland Heinze, Helmut Sebening, Hans Blömer
        Pages 284-286
      10. Ulrich W. Busch, Ulrich Pfeiffer, Ulrich Kusawe, Helmut Sebening, Gunther Blümel, Hans Blömer
        Pages 287-290
  5. Coronary artery surgery

    1. James J. Livesay, O. H. Frazier, Denton A. Cooley
      Pages 300-309
    2. Delos M. Cosgrove, Floyd D. Loop
      Pages 310-316
    3. H. H. Scheld, M. Gottwik, G. Görlach, U. Bauer, J. Mulch, R. Höge et al.
      Pages 317-319
    4. MacArthur A. Elayda, Robert J. Hall, Virendra S. Mathur, Grady L. Hallman, Albert G. Gray, Denton A. Cooley
      Pages 320-328
    5. Carmine Minale, Bruno J. Messmer
      Pages 329-340

About this book


This book contains the manuscripts of the majority of the papers given during the symposium 'Improvement of Myocardial Perfusion' which was held from Sep­ tember 27-29,1984 in Mainz/Germany. It has been the purpose of this meeting to focus the interest of scientifically and clinically interested cardiologists on the new developments in this field. We therefore chose the subtitle 'Medical-Mechanical -Surgical Approach'. The medical improvements in myocardial perfusion have been brought about by the application of streptokinase, urokinase and tissue-type plasminogen ac­ tivator in the first hours after the onset of an acute myocardial infarction. The different modes of application and the possibilities to evaluate and eventually to quantify the results of these treatments were addressed during the first part of the meeting. The mechanical way to improve perfusion nowadays mainly consists of the application of intracoronary balloon angioplasty. Although since 1977 the treat­ ment has become a routine method, several questions are still open such as the exact mode of action, the reaction of the vessel wall, the optimal pressure and balloon size as well as the long term results and the prevention of restenosis.


Bypass Dilatation PTCA artery atherosclerosis coronary artery disease coronary heart disease drugs echocardiography electrocardiogram (ECG) heart heart disease hemodynamics myocardial infarction physiology

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  1. 1.Department of Internal Medicine IIJohannes Gutenberg UniversityMainzFederal Republic of Germany

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