Inclusion Phenomena in Inorganic, Organic, and Organometallic Hosts

Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium on Inclusion Phenomena and the Third International Symposium on Cyclodextrins Lancaster, U.K., 20–25 July 1986

  • Jerry L. Atwood
  • J. Eric D. Davies
Conference proceedings

Part of the Advances in Inclusion Science book series (AIS, volume 4)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Cyclodextrins

  3. Enzyme Models and Hydrophobic Cages

    1. Chul-Joong Yoon, Hiroshi Ikeda, Ryoichi Kojin, Tsukasa Ikeda, Fujio Toda
      Pages 85-91
    2. Tsukasa Ikeda, Ryoichi Kojin, Chul-joong Yoon, Hiroshi Ikeda, Masao Iijima, Fujio Toda
      Pages 93-98
    3. M. Prudhomme, G. Dauphin, J. Guyot, G. Jeminet, N. Gresh
      Pages 99-102
    4. Toshimi Shimizu, Yoshio Tanaka, Keishiro Tsuda
      Pages 103-108
    5. Nalin Pant, Michael Mann, Andrew D. Hamilton
      Pages 109-111
    6. Cynthia J. Burrows, Richard A. Sauter
      Pages 117-121
    7. G. D. Andreetti, G. Calestani, F. Ugozzoli, A. Arduini, E. Ghidini, A. Pochini et al.
      Pages 123-126
  4. Macrocyclic Complexes and Ionophores

    1. Amira Abou-Hamdan, Ian M. Brereton, Andrea M. Hounslow, Stephen F. Lincoln, Thomas M. Spotswood
      Pages 137-141
    2. D. E. Fenton, B. P. Murphy, R. Price, P. A. Tasker, D. J. Winter
      Pages 143-148
    3. Thomas W. Bell, Albert Firestone, Frieda Guzzo, Lain-Yen Hu
      Pages 149-152
    4. Sebastiano Pappalardo, Francesco Bottino, Paolo Finocchiaro, Antonino Mamo, Frank R. Fronczek
      Pages 153-156
    5. Guy Lepropre, Jacques Fastrez
      Pages 157-160
    6. Franz P. Schmidtchen
      Pages 161-164
    7. Franco Benetollo, Gabriella Bombieri, Mary R. Truter
      Pages 165-168
    8. M. N. Bell, A. J. Blake, R. O. Gould, A. J. Holder, T. I. Hyde, A. J. Lavery et al.
      Pages 169-172
    9. I. Goldberg, H. Shinar, G. Navon, W. Klaui
      Pages 181-185
  5. Inclusion Compounds

    1. Yu. A. Dyadin, G. N. Chekhova, N. P. Sokolova
      Pages 187-194
    2. Yu. A. Dyadin, V. R. Belosludov, G. N. Chekhova, M. Yu. Lavrentiev
      Pages 195-202
    3. Yu. A. Dyadin, F. V. Zhurko, E. Ya. Aladko, Yu. M. Zelenin, L. A. Gaponenko
      Pages 203-210
    4. F. H. Herbstein, M. Kapon, G. M. Reisner
      Pages 211-214
    5. H. L. Wiener, L. Ilardi, P. Liberati, L. Dengler, S. A. Jeffas, S. Saba et al.
      Pages 215-217
    6. D. W. Davidson, M. A. Desando, S. R. Gough, Y. P. Handa, C. I. Ratcliffe, J. A. Ripmeester et al.
      Pages 219-223
    7. Roger Bishop, Ian G. Dance, Stephen C. Hawkins, Marcia L. Scudder
      Pages 229-232
    8. J. Veciana, J. Carilla, C. Miravitlles, E. Molins
      Pages 241-244
    9. Mikiji Miyata, Fusaharu Noma, Ken Okanishi, Hiromori Tsutsumi, Kiichi Takemoto
      Pages 249-252
  6. Intercalates

  7. Zeolites

    1. G. Calestani, V. Sangermano, C. Rizzoli, G. Bacca, G. D. Andreetti
      Pages 269-271
    2. Mark D. Hollingsworth, Kenneth D. M. Harris, William Jones, John M. Thomas
      Pages 273-277

About these proceedings


The contents of this volume originate from the joint Inclusion Phenomenal Cyclodextrins Symposium held at Lancaster in July 1986. Consisting of 50 extended ab­ stracts and 21 original contributions, the reader will find an up-to-date survey of the current state of research into, and applications of, inclusion compounds. Topics covered range from cyclodextrin complexes and their use as media for selective chemical reagents and their applications in chromatography and in the pharmaceutical and agricultural areas; the synthesis of new hosts, particularly those containing hydrophobic cavities; the characterisation of inclusion compounds using crystallographic and spectroscopic techniques; the use of inclusion com­ pounds as enzyme models; macrocyclic complexes and ionophores; to intercalates and zeolites. The Symposium was extremely successful, being attended by some 250 delegates drawn from 23 nations. It is hoped that the reader will recapture the flavour of the meeting from reading this volume. xi Journal of Inclusion Phenomena 5 (1987), 1-2. 1 © 1987 by D. Reidel Publishing Company. Preface The joint meeting comprlslng the 4th International Symposium on Inclusion Phenomena and the 3rd International Symposium on Cyclodextrins was held on 20 - 25 July, 1986 at the University of Lancaster, Great Britain, and followed on from the previous joint meeting held in Tokyo in July, 1984. The meeting was sponsored by the Royal Society of Chemistry.


cellulose nuclear magnetic resonance polymer polymerization synthesis

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