Advances in Mucosal Immunology

Proceedings of the Fifth International Congress of Mucosal Immunology

  • Thomas T MacDonald
  • Stephen J Challacombe
  • Paul W Bland
  • Christopher R Stokes
  • Richard V Heatley
  • Allan Mcl Mowat

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxxv
  2. Local immunity: The human mucosa in health and disease

    1. P Brandtzaeg, K Bjerke, T S Halstensen, M Hvatum, K Kett, P Krajci et al.
      Pages 1-12
  3. Basic Mechanisms in Mucosal Immunology

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 13-13
    2. Antigen Handling and Processing at Mucosal Surfaces

      1. P W Bland, C V Whiting
        Pages 17-22
      2. L Mayer, E Siden, S Becker, D Eisenhardt
        Pages 23-28
      3. D Kaiserlian, K Vidal, M Blanc, J P Revillard
        Pages 38-39
      4. W Beeken, J Fabian, D Meyer, D Gump
        Pages 44-45
      5. A Hughes, K J Bloch, D Gillen, A Bhan, V Giovino, P R Harmatz
        Pages 52-53
    3. Intraepithelial Lymphocytes and Lymphoepithelial Interactions

      1. J Spencer, P G Isaacson, T C Diss, T T MacDonald
        Pages 57-60
      2. L K Trejdosiewicz, C J Smart, D J Oakes, A Calabrese, P D Howdle, A W Boylston
        Pages 69-70
      3. B de Geus, L D Shulz, M van der Enden, J Coolen, J Rozing
        Pages 71-76
      4. J L Viney, P J Kilshaw, T T MacDonald
        Pages 77-80
      5. K Croitoru, J Bienenstock, R Stead, I Ishida, K Ito, S Tonegawa et al.
        Pages 81-82
      6. H L Schieferdecker, R Ullrich, A N Weiss-Breckwoldt, R Schwarting, H Stein, E O Riecken et al.
        Pages 89-90
      7. I Nordström, M Quiding, B Kjelsson, A Kilander, E Ahlfors, J Holmgren et al.
        Pages 103-104
    4. Cytokines in Relation to Mucosal Immunity

      1. G R Harriman, W Strober
        Pages 109-113
      2. K W Beagley, J H Eldridge, W Aicher, T Hirano, T Kishimoto, F Lee et al.
        Pages 114-117
      3. W K Aicher, K W Beagley, M G Bruce, H Kiyono, J R McGhee
        Pages 118-119
      4. T Taguchi, J R McGhee, R L Coffman, K W Beagley, J H Eldridge, K Takatsu et al.
        Pages 120-123
      5. D W McGhee, K W Beagley, J R McGhee
        Pages 124-125
      6. K Fujihashi, C Lue, K W Beagley, Z Moldoveanu, T Hirano, T Kishimoto et al.
        Pages 129-130
      7. C Lue, J R McGhee, H Kiyono, Z Moldoveanu, K Fujihashi, T Kishimoto et al.
        Pages 131-133
      8. A George, R L Kerlin, C E Schrader, J J Cebra
        Pages 136-139
      9. M Quiding, I Nordström, G Granström, J Holmgren, C Czerkinsky
        Pages 142-143
      10. S Hedges, P de Man, H Linder, C V Kooten, C Svanborg Edén
        Pages 144-147
      11. J S Marshall, J Bienenstock, J Gauldie
        Pages 148-149
    5. Mucosal T Cell Responses and Immuno Regulation

      1. C O Elson, S Solomon, S Woogen
        Pages 153-157
      2. W K Aicher, H Kiyono, M L McGhee, K W Beagley, T Taguchi, J Xu et al.
        Pages 163-166
      3. J J Cebra, C K Cebra, C F Cuff, A George, R L Kerlin, A C Logan et al.
        Pages 167-171
      4. A W Cripps, F J Wallace, R L Clancy, A J Husband
        Pages 172-175

About this book


The immunology of mucosal surfaces is one of the most exciting and relevant areas of medical veterinary and dental research since it applies basic research to tissues in­ volved in everyday defence against microbes and against environmental and food antigens. This book is based on the contributions presented at the International Con­ gress of Mucosal Immunology, held in London in July 1989 and organised by the Mu­ cosal Immunology Affinity Group of the British Society for Immunology. The meet­ ing was attended by over 500 delegates from 27 countries, including virtually all of the leading investigators in the field. The contents give comprehensive and up-to­ date information on such topics as antigen presentation and processing in the gut, mucosal vaccines in man and animals, HIV infection in the gut, the role of yo T cells in the gut epithelium, recent advances in inflammatory bowel disease and coeliac dis­ ease, the role of cytokines in the regulation of the IgA response, mucosal mast cells and cell migration. The contributions reflect the rapid pace of research in mucosal immunology, and the great strides which are taking place in the understanding of the immunology, molecular biology and biochemistry of host response at mucosal sur­ faces.


diseases immunity immunology

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  • Thomas T MacDonald
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  • Stephen J Challacombe
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  • Paul W Bland
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  • Christopher R Stokes
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  • Richard V Heatley
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  • Allan Mcl Mowat
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