Rotifera VII

Proceedings of the Seventh Rofifer Symposium, held in Mikołajki, Poland, 6–11 June 1994

  • Editors
  • J. Ejsmont-Karabin
  • R. M. Pontin

Part of the Developments in Hydrobiology book series (DIHY, volume 109)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. History of Rotifer Research

  3. Biogeography

  4. Systematics, Evolution & Genetics

  5. Anatomy and Morphology

  6. Metabolic Processes

  7. Biochemistry

  8. Behaviour

  9. Ecophysiology

    1. Atsushi Hagiwara, Nobuyuki Hoshi, Fumiko Kawahara, Kayoko Tominaga, Kazutsugu Hirayama
      Pages 223-229
  10. Ecotoxicology

    1. Terry W. Snell, Colin R. Janssen
      Pages 231-247
    2. John M. Langley, Steve Kett, Reya S. Al-Khalili, Chris J. Humphrey
      Pages 259-266
  11. Ecology

    1. Birger Pejler
      Pages 267-278
    2. Maria Rosa Miracle, Xavier Armengol-Díaz
      Pages 291-301
    3. Juta Haberman
      Pages 313-317
    4. C. K. Brain, Iléma Fourie, R. J. Shiel
      Pages 319-324
    5. John J. Gilbert, Dorothee K. Schreiber
      Pages 345-350
    6. Taavi Virro
      Pages 351-357
    7. María José Carmona, Africa Gómez, Manuel Serra
      Pages 365-371

About these proceedings


The Proceedings of the Seventh International Rotifer Symposium, Rotifera VII, spans subjects from community ecology through biochemistry, from the most basic science through the most clearly applied technology. Some papers report exceptional progress in our knowledge of rotifer anatomy and biochemistry, as well as rotifer molecular biology, evolution and life histories. The book also contains an interesting article describing a hundred years of Polish contributions to rotiferology as well as papers discussing both general patterns of rotifer biogeography and rotifer distribution in different habitats, together with many aspects of the ecology of rotifer species, populations and communities.
Audience: This update on rotifer taxonomy, biology and ecology will be of great interest to zoologists, especially hydrobiologists studying the structure and function of freshwater zooplankton.


Rotifera community ecology ecology morphology plankton

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