Major Companies of the Far East and Australasia 1990/91

Volume 1: South East Asia

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  • Jennifer¬†L.¬†Carr

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    Pages 127-188
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    Pages 247-299
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 301-342

About this book


This book represents the seventh edition of what has become an established reference work, MAJOR COMPANIES OF THE FAR EAST & AUSTRALASIA. This volume has been carefully researched and updated since publication of the sixth edition, and provides more company data on the most important companies in the region. The information in the book was submitted mostly by the companies themselves, completely free of charge. For the first time, a third volume has been added to the series, covering major companies in Australia and New Zealand. The companies listed have been selected on the grounds of the size of their sales volume or balance sheet or their importance to the business environment of the country in which they are based. The book will be updated and published every year. Any company that considers it is eligible for inclusion in the next edition of MAJOR COMPANIES OF THE FAR EAST & AUSTRALASIA, should write to the publishers. No charge whatsoever is made for publishing details about a principal Asian company. Whilst the publishers have taken every care to ensure accurate reporting of the company information contained in this book, no liability can be accepted by either the publishers, their editorial staff, or their distributors for any errors or omissions, nor for the consequences thereof. Graham & Trotman Ltd is a member of the Kluwer Academic Publishers Group and publishes over 450 business and technology books. A catalogue is available on request.


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