Extragalactic Radio Sources

Proceedings of the 175th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, Held in Bologna, Italy 10–14 October 1995

  • R. Ekers
  • C. Fanti
  • L. Padrielli

Part of the International Astronomical Union book series (IAUS, volume 175)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xl
  2. Guglielmo Marconi and Radioastronomy

    1. Giancarlo Setti
      Pages 1-4
  3. Properties of Radio Sources

    1. T. P. Krichbaum, W. Alef, A. Witzel
      Pages 11-13
    2. M. Pohl, W. Reich, T. P. Krichbaum, K. Standke, S. Britzen, H. P. Reuter et al.
      Pages 14-16
    3. Geoffrey C. Bower, Don Backer, Rick Forster, Melvin Wright
      Pages 17-18
    4. J. E. J. Lovell, S. J. Tingay, P. G. Edwards, D. L. Jauncey, R. A. Preston
      Pages 19-20
    5. R. A. Preston, S. J. Tingay, D. L. Jauncey, J. E. Reynolds, J. E. J. Lovell, P. M. McCulloch et al.
      Pages 21-22
    6. D. L. Jones, S. J. Tingay, R. A. Preston, D. L. Jauncey, J. E. Reynolds, J. E. J. Lovell et al.
      Pages 23-24
    7. J. D. Romney, R. C. Walker, K. I. Kellermann, R. C. Vermeulen, V. Dhawan
      Pages 27-29
    8. R. C. Walker, J. D. Romney, R. C. Vermeulen, V. Dhawan, K. I. Kellermann
      Pages 30-32
    9. A. J. Kemball, P. J. Diamond
      Pages 33-34
    10. E. Preuss, W. Alef, K. I. Kellermann
      Pages 35-37
    11. F. T. Rantakyrö, L. B. Bååth
      Pages 39-40
    12. G. Denn, R. Mutel
      Pages 41-42
    13. L. Vicente, P. Charlot, H. Sol
      Pages 43-44
    14. L. O. Takalo, A. Sillanpää, T. Pursimo, H. J. Lehto, K. Nilsson, P. Teerikorpi et al.
      Pages 45-46
    15. A. Sillanpää, L. Takalo, K. Nilsson, T. Pursimo, P. Teerikorpi, J. Heidt et al.
      Pages 47-48
    16. D. C. Gabuzda, A. B. Pushkarev, T. V. Cawthorne
      Pages 51-52
    17. M. Bondi, D. Dallacasa, C. Stanghellini, R. Della Ceca
      Pages 53-54
    18. C. Stanghellini, P. Cassaro, M. Bondi, D. Dallacasa, R. Della Ceca, R. A. Zappalà
      Pages 55-56
    19. R. C. Vermeulen
      Pages 57-62
    20. R. Fanti, R. E. Spencer
      Pages 63-66
    21. C. Stanghellini, C. P. O’Dea, S. A. Baum, D. Dallacasa, R. Fanti, C. Fanti
      Pages 67-68
    22. D. Dallacasa, M. Bondi, F. Mantovani, W. Alef
      Pages 69-70
    23. F. Mantovani, W. Junor, M. Bondi, L. Padrielli, W. Cotton, E. Salerno
      Pages 71-72
    24. A. Tzioumis, R. Morganti, C. Tadhunter, R. Dickson, C. Fanti, D. Dallacasa et al.
      Pages 73-74
    25. E. A. King, P. M. McCulloch, D. L. Jauncey, J. E. Reynolds, R. A. Preston, D. L. Meier et al.
      Pages 75-76
    26. S. T. Garrington, C. E. Akujor
      Pages 77-78
    27. W. Junor, F. Mantovani, A. Peck, D. Saikia, C. Salter
      Pages 79-80
    28. Richard Gelderman
      Pages 81-82
    29. C. E. Akujor, R. W. Porcas, I. Fejes
      Pages 83-84
    30. D. Dallacasa, R. T. Schilizzi, H. S. Sanghera, D. R. Jiang, E. Lüdke, W. D. Cotton
      Pages 85-87
    31. A. C. S. Readhead, T. J. Pearson, G. B. Taylor, P. N. Wilkinson
      Pages 88-89
    32. Eric S. Perlman, Chris L. Carilli, John T. Stocke, John Conway
      Pages 90-91
    33. Yu. A. Kovalev, A. B. Berlin, N. A. Nizelskij, Y. Y. Kovalev, S. V. Babak
      Pages 95-96
    34. M. Tornikoski, E. Valtaoja
      Pages 99-100
    35. H. Teräsranta, E. Valtaoja, M. Lainela
      Pages 101-102
    36. R. W. Hunstead, B. M. Gaensler
      Pages 103-104
    37. J. N. Hewitt
      Pages 105-110
    38. M. A. Walker
      Pages 111-112
    39. T. K. Menon
      Pages 113-114
    40. M. Bondi, M. Garrett, L. Gurvits
      Pages 118-119
    41. E. Ros, J. M. Marcaide, J. C. Guirado, T. P. Krichbaum, R. A. Preston, M. I. Ratner et al.
      Pages 120-121
    42. María José Rioja, Richard W. Porcas, Jerzy Machalski
      Pages 122-123

About these proceedings


On the 100th anniversary of Marconi's successful experiment on radio broadcasting, 250 astronomers from all over the world met in Bologna (Italy) for five days, to update their knowledge of the physics and statistical properties of powerful extragalactic radio sources.
Since their discovery in the fifties enormous progress has been made. The existence of superluminal motions in the cores of radio sources, the presence there of a black hole surrounded by an absorbing dust torus, as inferred mostly from studies at other wavelengths, are now accepted ideas.
Nevertheless, in spite of these efforts, there are many questions still unanswered. For instance we do not know which mechanism produces the huge amount of energy supplied to radio sources, how the jets connecting the `engine' to the lobes are formed and collimated, which of the differences observed among the various classes of radio sources are apparent and which are real.
These and other related topics are discussed in this book.


black hole energy environment experiment iron physics

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  • R. Ekers
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  • C. Fanti
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  • L. Padrielli
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  1. 1.Australia TelescopeCSIROEppingAustralia
  2. 2.Istituto di RadioastronomiaCNRBolognaItaly

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