Magnesium: Current Status and New Developments

Theoretical, Biological and Medical Aspects

  • Theophile Theophanides
  • Jane Anastassopoulou

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Introduction

    1. T. Theophanides, J. Anastassopoulou, G. De Munno, J. Durlach, M. Bara
      Pages 1-5
  3. Biology-Chemistry-Analytical

    1. Maria M. Geada, F. C. Mooren, W. Domschke, J. Singh
      Pages 17-27
    2. Frank C. Mooren, Maria Moreno Geada, Jaipaul Singh, Wolfgang Beil, Wolfram Domschke
      Pages 29-31
    3. M. Okazaki, M. Taira, J. Takahashi
      Pages 37-40
    4. J. Anastassopoulou, V. Korbaki, H. Nastou, M. Palta, V. Sarrou
      Pages 41-42
    5. J. Anastassopoulou, C. Barbarossou, V. Korbaki, H. Nastou, N. Th. Rakintzis, T. Theophanides
      Pages 43-45
    6. D. Armentano, G. De Munno, M. Regina, J. Anastassopoulou, T. Theophanides
      Pages 47-48
    7. Margarita Petroliagi, Olga Markopoulou, John Markopoulos
      Pages 49-50
  4. Toxicology

    1. V. P. Kotsaki-Kovatsi, L. Kovatsi, Th. Kiriakidis, G. Koehler-Samouilidou
      Pages 59-63
    2. V. P. Kotsaki-Kovatsi, E. Bacoyanni, G. Koeiiler-Samouilidou, A. Vafiadou, A. N. Kovatsis
      Pages 65-66
    3. V. Matovic, Z. Stojanovic, D. Vujanovic, D. Soldatovic
      Pages 67-68
    4. A. J. Vafiadou, V. P. Kotsaki-Kovatsi, G. Koehler-Samoiolidou, A. N. Kovatsis
      Pages 69-70
  5. Agriculture

    1. Sandor A. Kiss, Zoltan Galbacs, Gabor Galbacs
      Pages 77-80
    2. Sándor A. Kiss, Imre László, Éva Szõke, zoltán galbács, Gábor Galbács
      Pages 81-84
  6. Metabolism

    1. G. Crippa, M. Giorgi-Pierfranceschi
      Pages 89-94
    2. A. Haenni, M. Öhrwall, H. Lithell
      Pages 95-98
    3. B. Manuel, Y. Keenoy, G. Moorkens, S. Meludu, J. Vertommen, M. NoË et al.
      Pages 99-104
    4. Herbert C. Mansmann Jr, Paris T. Mansmann
      Pages 105-108
    5. M. Nishimuta, N. Kodama, H. Takeyama, F. Toyooka
      Pages 109-113
    6. P. Delva, M. Degan, C. Pastori, A. Lechi
      Pages 115-117
    7. C. Ghawar, L. Alouane, Ch. Ben Rayana, K. Nagati
      Pages 119-121
    8. G. Stendig-Lindberg, Lrcpi Frsm, D. Moran, Y. Shapiro
      Pages 123-126
    9. L. Perez Gallardo, J. Romera, R. De Miguel, A. Sanchez-Mayoral
      Pages 127-128
    10. Akio Kobayashi, Hitoshi Okabe, Tomio Nozue, Akiko Sawa, Yasuo Takagi, Fujio Uemasu et al.
      Pages 131-134
  7. Nutrition

    1. Anna Csikkel-Szolnoki, Sándor A. Kiss
      Pages 139-142
    2. Mieko Kawamura, Tatsuo Ido, Ren Iwata, Shuichi Kimura, Takako Ikeda
      Pages 145-146
    3. Pilar Galan, Paul Preziosi, Vincent Durlach, Loundres Ribas, Djamila Bouzid, Bernandette Fieux et al.
      Pages 147-149
    4. M. Kimura, K. Matumura, N. Hatsuda, T. Takeda, S. Noumi, Y. Yokoyama
      Pages 151-168
  8. Cardiovascular Diseases

    1. W. B. Weglicki, I. T. Mak, B. F. Dickens, R. E. Stafford, A. M. Komarov, B. Gibson et al.
      Pages 169-178
    2. L. Alcocer, A. J. Reyes
      Pages 179-187
    3. Motoomi Nakamura
      Pages 215-221
    4. K. Hoshino, K. Ogawa, R. Kitazawa, Y. Nakamura, R. Uehara
      Pages 223-225
    5. M. Nechifor, A. Murariu, G. Danila, A. Miftode, C. Filip, E. Teslariu et al.
      Pages 231-234
    6. Burton B. Silver, Mark C. P. Haigney, Steven P. Schulman, Gary Gerstenblith, Gordon F. Tomaselli, Ronald Berger et al.
      Pages 235-240
    7. H. G. Stuehlinger, W. Behringer, W. Hoedl, D. Seidler, A. Zeiner, W. Schoerkhuber et al.
      Pages 245-249

About this book


This book presents the lectures and posters of some of the main leaders in the field of th magnesium research and medical applications delivered at the 8 International Symposium on Magnesium, which took place on 5-9 October, 1997 in Heraklion, Crete under the chairmanship of Professor Theophilos Theophanides. The meeting was sponsored by the National Technical University of Athens and Ministry of Industry, Energy and Technology. The aim of this meeting was to promote research and applications of magnesium and interface between medical doctors, clinicians and scientists in order to understand the mechanisms responsible for magnesium involvement in the pathogenesis of diseases, its biological significance, metabolism and many other utilizations which are associated with membranes and cells. The success of this interface is due to the contribution of its participants who came from all continents and to their high scientific level. The topics, which were presented, and the questions, which were asked, concerned mechanisms of mode of action of free magnesium cations, Mg2+, hydrated cations, 2 Mg2+. 6 HP, and magnesium linked cations Mg +.LxH 0, where L: ligand and x = 2 1...6 Hp. We would like to express our utmost gratitude to the sponsers and to extend our deep appreciation and thanks to all those who helped and encouraged the scientific and material organization of this meeting. We wish to thank all the members of the scientific committee and the organizing committee.


anesthesia angina pectoris cardiovascular heart hypertension stroke vascular disease

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  • Jane Anastassopoulou
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