A molecular paleontology approach

  • Neal S.¬†Gupta

Part of the Topics in Geobiology book series (TGBI, volume 38)

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This book provides an overview, research compendium and an introduction to the science of molecular paleontology, including literature overview for non-geochemists. Analytical methods employed are included as a part of each chapter that underpin this branch of paleontology and indeed geochemistry. The primary usefulness of this volume is for organic geochemists, molecular palaeontologists, and molecular archeologists. Researchers, graduate students and academics interested in astrobiology from a paleontological perspective may also find this to be valuable.

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  • Neal S.¬†Gupta
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  1. 1.Department of Science and Technology Laboratory for Terrestrial EnvironmentsBryant UniversitySmithfieldUSA

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