Heterogeneous Photocatalysis Using Inorganic Semiconductor Solids

  • Umar Ibrahim Gaya

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About this book


This book underscores the essential principles of photocatalysis and provides an update on its scientific foundations, research advances, and current opinions, and interpretations. It consists of an introduction to the concepts that form the backbone of photocatalysis, from the principles of solid-state chemistry and physics to the role of reactive oxidizing species. Having recognised the organic link with chemical kinetics, part of the book describes kinetic concepts as they apply to photocatalysis. The dependence of rate on the reaction conditions and parameters is detailed, the retrospective and prospective aspects of the mechanism of photocatalysis are highlighted, and the adsorption models, photocatalytic rate expressions, and kinetic disguises are examined. This book also discusses the structure, property, and activity relationship of prototypical semiconductor photocatalysts and reviews how to extend their spectral absorption to the visible region to enable the effective use of visible solar spectrum. Lastly, it presents strategies for deriving substantially improved photoactivity from semiconductor materials to support the latest applications and potential trends.


Chemical Kinetics Kinetic Concepts Photocatalysis Mechanism of Photocatalysis Photodegradation Semiconductor Photocatalysts Structure, Property, Activity Photocatalysts

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