Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Processing

  • Xingfeng Li

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About this book


With strong numerical and computational focus, this book serves as an essential resource on the methods for functional neuroimaging analysis, diffusion weighted image analysis, and longitudinal VBM analysis. It includes four MRI image modalities analysis methods. The first covers the PWI methods, which is the basis for understanding cerebral flow in human brain. The second part, the book’s core, covers MRI methods in three specific domains: first level analysis, second level analysis, and effective connectivity study. The third part covers the analysis of Diffusion weighted image, i.e. DTI, QBI and DSI image analysis. Finally, the book covers (longitudinal) VBM methods and its application to Alzheimer’s disease study.


BOLD-fMRI diffusion weighted imaging effective connectivity analysis perfusion weighted imaging voxel based morphometry

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  1. 1.Intelligent Systems Research Centre, University of UlsterLondonderryUnited Kingdom

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