The Laws of Robots

Crimes, Contracts, and Torts

  • Ugo Pagallo

Part of the Law, Governance and Technology Series book series (LGTS, volume 10)

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About this book


This book explores how the design, construction, and use of robotics technology may affect today’s legal systems and, more particularly, matters of responsibility and agency in criminal law, contractual obligations, and torts. By distinguishing between the behaviour of robots as tools of human interaction, and robots as proper agents in the legal arena, jurists will have to address a new generation of “hard cases.” General disagreement may concern immunity in criminal law (e.g., the employment of robot soldiers in battle), personal accountability for certain robots in contracts (e.g., robo-traders), much as clauses of strict liability and negligence-based responsibility in extra-contractual obligations (e.g., service robots in tort law). Since robots are here to stay, the aim of the law should be to wisely govern our mutual relationships.


AI Employees and Strict Liability Rules Accountability of Artificial Agents Artificial Intelligence and the Law Contracts and Artificial Inteligence Crimes and Robots Law as Meta-Technology Legal Responsibility and Technology Moral Accountability and Technology Philosophy of Law and Robots Robotics Technology and the Law Robots as Legal Persons Robots as Proper Agents Robots of Just War Strict Liability Rules The Law, Philosophy and Robotics Technology The Laws of robots Torts and Robots

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