Advanced Bioactive Compounds Countering the Effects of Radiological, Chemical and Biological Agents

Strategies to Counter Biological Damage

  • Grant N. Pierce
  • Volodymyr I. Mizin
  • Alexander Omelchenko
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Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Tissue Damage due to Radiological Agents

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Irina Katina, Igor Yachnev, Vera Plakhova, Tatyana Shelykh, Ilya Rogachevsky, Svetlana Podzorova et al.
      Pages 29-41
    3. Galina Solyanik, Volodymyr I. Mizin, Olga Pyaskovskaya, Natalia Banakchevich, Yuriy A. Ogay
      Pages 43-54
    4. Alexander D. Naumov, Natalia I. Timokhina, Alexandra V. Litvinchuk, Gennadii G. Vereshchako, Alina M. Khodosovskaya, Svetlana N. Sushko et al.
      Pages 55-69
  3. Preventing the Harmful Health Effects of Biological Agents

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 71-71
    2. Olivera Stanojlović, Dragan Hrnčić, Aleksandra Rašić-Marković, Veselinka Šušić, Dragan Djuric
      Pages 73-81
    3. Susan Devine, Tammy Mah-Fraser, Dawn Borgerson, Amanda Galster, Susan Stork, Tina Bocking et al.
      Pages 113-118
  4. Bioactive Compounds from Natural Sources for Prophylaxis and Treatment of the Effects of Radiological, Chemical and Biological Agents

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 119-119
    2. Alexandru Dascaliuc, Raisa Ivanova, Gheorghe Arpentin
      Pages 121-131
    3. Edisher Kvesitadze, Tinatin Sadunishvili, Georgi Kvesitadze
      Pages 133-143
    4. Andrew R. Hnatush, Victor R. Drel, Natalia O. Hanay, Anatolij Ya. Yalaneckyy, Volodymyr I. Mizin, Natalia O. Sybirna
      Pages 145-162
    5. Bram Ramjiawan, Angela Ramjiawan, Lorie Forbes, Paramjit S. Tappia
      Pages 177-184
  5. Biotechnological and Therapeutical Aspects of Defense Against Radiological, Chemical and Biological Agents

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 227-227
    2. Eugene Y. Brunner, Volodymyr I. Mizin
      Pages 229-240
    3. Igor Bogadelnikov, Renata E. Verem‘eva, Yuliya Vyaltseva
      Pages 247-252
    4. George N. Chaldakov, Stanislav Yanev, Victor Georgiev
      Pages 253-260
    5. Anna Tadevosyan, Michael Schellenberg, Stepan Mayrapetyan, Laura Ghalachyan
      Pages 261-269
    6. Vladimir V. Iezhov, Volodymyr I. Mizin, Anatolij Y. Yalaneckyy
      Pages 271-276

About these proceedings


The probability for exposure to damaging radiation, toxic chemicals in the environment and adverse biological agents has increased exponentially today. The more frequent and faster travel that we experience today also escalates the risk of contraction and transmission of potentially deadly infections. This has created a very real and escalating risk for injuries and deaths. This is accentuated in the military and medical staff that is more frequently exposed to radiological, chemical,  and  biological  agents  in their  normal working  environment. Understanding the mechanisms whereby these toxic agents inflict damage to our bodies is essential to prepare us for these challenges. Much of the damage is inflicted through the generation of free radicals and non-radical oxidants which then act through oxidative mechanisms to injury the body. This volume will discuss the damage caused by these radiological, chemical, and biological environmental stressors, the mechanisms through which the damage can occur and the novel strategies that can be used to reduce the injury inflicted by these toxic compounds. Using basic and clinical research approaches, the contents of this book  discuss  new  ideas  for  the  development  of  bioactive  products  and  environmental approaches to lessen or negate the biological damage inflicted by these noxious compounds.


Bioactive compounds Biological agents Chemical damage Medical and ecological rehabilitation Psychological and traumatic stress Radiation damage

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  • Volodymyr I. Mizin
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  • Alexander Omelchenko
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  2. 2., Division of Health and RehabilitationCrimean State Humanitarian UniversityYalta, CrimeaUkraine
  3. 3.St. Boniface Hospital Research CentreWinnipegCanada

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