Applied Demography and Public Health

  • Nazrul Hoque
  • Mary A. McGehee
  • Benjamin S. Bradshaw

Part of the Applied Demography Series book series (ADS, volume 3)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Nazrul Hoque, Mary A. McGehee, Benjamin S. Bradshaw
    Pages 1-5
  3. Impact of Aging on Health and Health-Related Expenditure

  4. Cause-Specific Mortality

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 77-77
    2. David W. Smith, Stephanie L. McFall, Benjamin S. Bradshaw
      Pages 79-92
    3. David W. Smith, Stephanie L. McFall, Benjamin S. Bradshaw
      Pages 117-123
  5. Maternal Health and Morbidity

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 155-155
    2. Pandurang Sontakke, R. S. Reshmi
      Pages 157-168
    3. Sarah O. Meadows, Megan K. Beckett, Marc N. Elliott, Christine Petersen
      Pages 169-188
    4. Komanduri S. Murty, Jimmy D. McCamey Jr.
      Pages 189-212
  6. Special Analysis

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 213-213
    2. Karen A. Snedker, Jerald R. Herting, Emily Walton
      Pages 215-229
    3. Nazrul Islam Mondal, Nazrul Hoque, Sabiha Yasmin Moni, Rocky Khan Chowdhury
      Pages 245-255
    4. Ismail Tareque, Nazrul Hoque, Towfiqua Mahfuza Islam, Kazuo Kawahara, Makiko Sugawa
      Pages 257-275
    5. Matthew J. Shim, David Gimeno, Sandi L. Pruitt, Christopher B. McLeod, Margaret J. Foster, Benjamin C. Amick III
      Pages 277-309
  7. Methodological Issues

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 311-311
    2. A. I. Yashin, I. Akushevich, K. Arbeev, A. Kulminski, S. Ukraintseva
      Pages 337-355
    3. Cristina Guimarães Rodrigues, Mônica Viegas Andrade, Bernardo Lanza Queiroz, Carla Jorge Machado
      Pages 371-385
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 387-391

About this book


This book combines the disciplines of applied demography and public health by describing how applied demographic techniques can be used to help address public health issues.  Besides addressing the impact of aging on health and health-related expenditure, cause-specific mortality, and maternal health and morbidity, the book provides several chapters on special analysis and methodological issues.


The chapters provide a number of resources and tools that can be used in conducting research aimed at promoting public health. These resources include information on a variety of health research datasets, different statistical methodologies for analyzing health-related data and developing concepts related to health status, methodologies for forecasting or projecting disease incidences and associated costs, and discussions of demographic concepts used to measure population health status.


Active aging Analyzing health related date Blood pressure control in hypertensive diabetic patients Cancer incidence and mortality Cancer screening in the US and Europe Demography and public health Early child bearing Forecasting health care use Global aging and adult health Healthy life expectancy Implications of aging Infant mortality Maternal health and morbidity Mortality rates for diabetes mellitus Obstetric morbidity Overweight and obesity Population aging Public health issues Retirement as a risk factor for mortality

Editors and affiliations

  • Nazrul Hoque
    • 1
  • Mary A. McGehee
    • 2
  • Benjamin S. Bradshaw
    • 3
  1. 1., Dept of DemographyUniversity of Texas, San AntonioSan AntonioUSA
  2. 2., Arkansas Department of HealthHealth Statistics BranchLittle RockUSA
  3. 3., School of Public HealthThe University of TexasSan AntonioUSA

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