Coral Reefs of the United Kingdom Overseas Territories

  • Charles R.C. Sheppard

Part of the Coral Reefs of the World book series (CORW, volume 4)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Stuart P. Wynne
    Pages 13-22
  3. Nancy Woodfield Pascoe, Joseph Smith-Abbott, Shannon Gore
    Pages 37-46
  4. Alan Logan
    Pages 61-68
  5. John R. Turner, Croy McCoy, Matt Cottam, Jeremy Olynik, Austin Timothy, Janice Blumenthal et al.
    Pages 69-88
  6. Andrew Myers
    Pages 89-96
  7. Alan Logan, Kathleen Sullivan Sealey
    Pages 97-114
  8. Kathryn A. Coates, James W. Fourqurean, W. Judson Kenworthy, Alan Logan, Sarah A. Manuel, Struan R. Smith
    Pages 115-133
  9. Struan R. Smith, Samantha de Putron, Thad J. T. Murdoch, Joanna M. Pitt, Ivan Nagelkerken
    Pages 135-151
  10. Jan M. Locke, Kathryn A. Coates, Jaret P. Bilewitch, Lyndsey P. Holland, Joanna M. Pitt, Struan R. Smith et al.
    Pages 153-172
  11. Struan R. Smith, Samia Sarkis, Thad J. T. Murdoch, Ernesto Weil, Aldo Croquer, Nicholas R. Bates et al.
    Pages 173-188
  12. Samia Sarkis, Pieter J. H. van Beukering, Emily McKenzie, Luke Brander, Sebastiaan Hess, Tadzio Bervoets et al.
    Pages 201-211
  13. Charles R. C. Sheppard, Brian W. Bowen, Allen C. Chen, Matthew T. Craig, Jeff Eble, Nancy Fitzsimmons et al.
    Pages 223-240
  14. Charles R. C. Sheppard, Mebs Ateweberhan, Allen C. Chen, Alasdair Harris, Rachel Jones, Shashank Keshavmurthy et al.
    Pages 241-252
  15. Nicholas A. J. Graham, Morgan S. Pratchett, Tim R. McClanahan, Shaun K. Wilson
    Pages 253-270
  16. Peter Carr, Jesse C. Hillman, Mark R. D. Seaward, Scott Vogt, Charles R. C. Sheppard
    Pages 271-282
  17. James W. Readman, Francis DeLuna, Ralf Ebinghaus, AntenorNestor Guzman, Andrew R. G. Price, Emily E. Readman et al.
    Pages 283-298
  18. Robert Irving, Terry Dawson
    Pages 299-318
  19. Back Matter
    Pages 319-323

About this book


The tropical UK Territories have extensive coral reefs.  Huge parts of these areas are exceptionally rich, productive and diverse.  Their marine biodiversity exceeds that of the UK itself, and several are already, or are planned to be, strictly protected.  Some of these areas serve as reference sites for many other countries with damaged reefs and they are oases of tropical marine biodiversity in a fast-degrading world.  This book reviews all of the UK reefs, from those scarcely known to those where substantial research has already been performed.


Coral reef ecology Marine Biodiversity Marine protected areas Reef conservation UK Overseas Territories

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