Head & Neck Cancer: Current Perspectives, Advances, and Challenges

  • James A. Radosevich

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-vii
  2. Linda M. Kaste, Therese A. Dolecek, Athanasios I. Zavras
    Pages 37-71
  3. Maaly Bassiony
    Pages 87-129
  4. Antonia Kolokythas, Thomas Schlieve
    Pages 131-150
  5. Sara C. Gordon, Sarah G. Fitzpatrick
    Pages 151-197
  6. Sarah G. Fitzpatrick, Sara C. Gordon
    Pages 199-256
  7. Gabor Tarjan, Gabor Tarjan
    Pages 313-353
  8. William A. Paradise, Dena J. Fischer, Joel B. Epstein, James A. Radosevich
    Pages 377-400
  9. Manju Sarangapani, Ami Patel, Linda M. Kaste, Therese A. Dolecek
    Pages 459-470
  10. Allen S. Ho, Mike Yao
    Pages 471-493
  11. Joshua D. Waltonen
    Pages 509-562
  12. Maaly Bassiony, Bulent Aydogan, James A. Radosevich
    Pages 563-605
  13. Bulent Aydogan
    Pages 607-620
  14. H. Steven Sims, Tara Brennan
    Pages 621-648
  15. Jeffrey E. Rubenstein
    Pages 677-720
  16. Thomas Schlieve, Antonia Kolokythas
    Pages 721-749
  17. Rebecca A. Stout, Nancy J. Beckman, Sarah R. Shelby, Susan M. Labott
    Pages 751-800
  18. Eileen Danaher Hacker, Carol Ferrans
    Pages 801-834
  19. Sonali Kurup, Kirk E. Dineley, Latha M. Malaiyandi, Ruth Adewuya, Lawrence A. Potempa
    Pages 861-913
  20. William A. Paradise, James A. Radosevich
    Pages 915-948
  21. Humberto De Vitto, Antonio Galina
    Pages 949-975
  22. Athanasios I. Zavras, Angela J. Yoon
    Pages 977-1002
  23. David Crowe
    Pages 1003-1018
  24. Ishrat Mahjabeen, Yi Jin, Dan Chen, Anxun Wang, Antonia Kolokythas, Xiaofeng Zhou
    Pages 1019-1048
  25. Chang Shun Lau, David T. W. Wong
    Pages 1049-1062
  26. Back Matter
    Pages 1063-1070

About this book


This book is a collection of Chapters that provide an up to date overview of all aspects of Head and Neck cancer. It is written by professionals, and is not only intended for other professionals, but students, patients, policy makers, etc. There are so many aspects to this group of diseases that even the most seasoned professional will learn something from having read this book. This volume covers Head and Neck cancer in such a way that it covers the ancient history of these tumors to modern diagnostic methods. It covers the various aspects of treatment and the healing of the these patients. Various aspects of molecular biology, the histology, and diagnostic methods are also discussed. Links are made between subject matter that will give readers new insight to these tumors. This volume will give a broad understanding to the various aspects related to Head and Neck cancer in general, and will provide the foundation for anyone to explore the subject matter in greater detail.


Ancient history of head and neck tumors Head & Neck Cancer Modern diagnostic methods Oncology Oral cancers Pathology Radiotherapy Screening

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