Regenerative Medicine

From Protocol to Patient

  • Gustav Steinhoff

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxi
  2. Raymund E. Horch, Laurentiu M. Popescu, Elias Polykandriotis
    Pages 1-17
  3. Biology of Tissue Regeneration

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 19-19
    2. Yrjö T. Konttinen, Emilia Kaivosoja, Vasily Stegaev, Hanoch Daniel Wagner, Jaakko Levón, Veli-Matti Tiainen et al.
      Pages 21-78
    3. Chenhui Wang, Pei Wen, Pei Sun, Rongwen Xi
      Pages 79-106
    4. Frank Hirth
      Pages 107-127
    5. Fumitaka Osakada, Masayo Takahashi
      Pages 129-152
  4. Stem Cell Science and Technology

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 153-153
    2. Ute Bissels, Dominik Eckardt, Andreas Bosio
      Pages 155-176
    3. Mikael C. O. Englund, Peter Sartipy, Johan Hyllner
      Pages 177-196
    4. Keisuke Okita, Kazutoshi Takahashi, Shinya Yamanaka
      Pages 197-218
    5. Ilya Chuykin, Michael Stauske, Kaomei Guan
      Pages 219-249
    6. Mary L. Clarke, Jonathan Frampton
      Pages 251-277
    7. Christoph Brenner, Robert David, Wolfgang-Michael Franz
      Pages 279-295
    8. Yoko Arai, Wieland B. Huttner, Federico Calegari
      Pages 297-335
    9. Tohru Itoh, Hinako Takase, Minoru Tanaka, Atsushi Miyajima
      Pages 337-363
    10. M. Sasikala, G. V. Rao, Manu Tandan, D. Nageshwar Reddy
      Pages 365-385
    11. Murali M. S. Balla, Anjali P. Kusumbe, Geeta K. Vemuganti, Sharmila A. Bapat
      Pages 387-412
    12. Gerben M. van Buul, Gerjo J. V. M. van Osch
      Pages 433-453
  5. Tissue Engineering, Biomaterials and Nanotechnology

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 455-455
    2. Maurizio Pesce, Giulio Pompilio, Gianluca Polvani, Maurizio C. Capogrossi
      Pages 457-473
    3. Julia Reetz, Ottmar Herchenröder, Anke Schmidt, Brigitte M. Pützer
      Pages 475-503
    4. Timothy J. Nelson, Almudena Martinez-Fernandez, Satsuki Yamada, Andre Terzic
      Pages 505-528
    5. Michael Schroeter, Britt Wildemann, Andreas Lendlein
      Pages 529-556
    6. Naresh Polisetti, Christopher R. McLaughlin, Geeta K. Vemuganti, May Griffith
      Pages 557-580
    7. Jie Zhou, Wenzhong Li, Changyou Gao
      Pages 581-609
    8. Joachim Rychly
      Pages 611-634
  6. Regenerative Therapies

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 635-635
    2. Laura C. Zelarayán, Maria Patapia Zafiriou, Wolfram-Hubertus Zimmermann
      Pages 637-664
    3. Michael Schmitt, Mathias Freund
      Pages 665-694
    4. Geeta K. Vemuganti, Virender S. Sangwan, Indumathi Mariappan, Dorairajan Balasubramanian
      Pages 755-774
    5. Shubha Tiwari, Geeta K. Vemuganti
      Pages 775-791
    6. Nopporn Jongkamonwiwat, Marcelo N. Rivolta
      Pages 793-821
    7. Kristina Arvidson, Michele Cottler-Fox, Sølve Hellem, Kamal Mustafa
      Pages 823-841
    8. Silvia Baiguera, Paolo Macchiarini
      Pages 843-859
    9. Lavinia Iuliana Ionescu, Bernard Thébaud, Bernard Thébaud
      Pages 861-879
    10. Masaaki Ii, Atsuhiko Kawamoto, Takayuki Asahara
      Pages 881-900
    11. Gustav Steinhoff, Bodo Eckehard Strauer
      Pages 901-927
    12. Amar Deep Sharma, Razvan Iacob, Tobias Cantz, Michael P. Manns, Michael Ott
      Pages 929-959
    13. Sajoscha A. Sorrentino, Hermann Haller
      Pages 961-981
    14. Nonsikelelo Mpofu-Mätzig, Michelle Klose, Elmar Jäckel, Michael P. Manns, Oliver Bachmann
      Pages 983-1022
    15. Johannes C. Reichert, Arne Berner, Siamak Saifzadeh, Dietmar W. Hutmacher
      Pages 1023-1064
    16. Georg N. Duda, Joshua O. Eniwumide, Michael Sittinger
      Pages 1065-1099
    17. Thomas Mittlmeier, Ioannis Stratos
      Pages 1101-1115
    18. Hans-Günther Machens, Christina Irene Günter, Augustinus Bader
      Pages 1117-1135
  7. Regulation and Ethics

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1137-1137
    2. Gudrun Tiedemann, Sebastian C. Sethe
      Pages 1139-1171

About this book


The field of regenerative medicine has developed rapidly over the past 20 years with the advent of molecular and cellular techniques. This textbook,  Regenerative Medicine: From Protocol to Patient, aims to explain the scientific knowledge and emerging technology as well as the clinical application in different organ systems and diseases. International leading experts from four continents describe the latest scientific and clinical knowledge of the field of regenerative medicine. The process of translating science of laboratory protocols into therapies is explained in sections on regulatory, ethical and industrial issues.


This textbook is organized into five parts: (I) Biology of Tissue Regeneration, (II) Stem Cell Science and Technology, (III) Tissue Engineering, Biomaterials and Nanotechnology, (IV) Regenerative Therapies and (V) Regulation and Ethics.


The textbook aims to give the student, the researcher, the health care professional, the physician and the patient a complete survey on the current scientific basis, therapeutic protocols, clinical translation and practiced therapies in regenerative medicine.


Biomaterials Regenerative medicine Stem cell research Stem cell therapy Tissue Engineering

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  • Gustav Steinhoff
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  1. 1.Klinik und Poliklinik für HerzchirurgieUniversitätsklinikum RostockRostockGermany

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