Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics in Multiphase Flows

  • Roberto Mauri

Part of the Soft and Biological Matter book series (SOBIMA)

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About this book


Non-equilibrium thermodynamics is a general framework that allows the macroscopic description of irreversible processes. This book introduces non-equilibrium thermodynamics and its applications to the rheology of multiphase flows. The subject is relevant to graduate students in chemical and mechanical engineering, physics and material science.
This book is divided into two parts. The first part presents the theory of non-equilibrium thermodynamics, reviewing its essential features and showing, when possible, some applications. The second part of this book deals with how the general theory can be applied to model multiphase flows and, in particular, how to determine their constitutive relations. Each chapter contains problems at the end, the solutions of which are given at the end of the book. No prior knowledge of statistical mechanics is required; the necessary prerequisites are elements of transport phenomena and on thermodynamics.

“The style of the book is mathematical, but nonetheless it remains very readable and anchored in the physical world rather than becoming too abstract. Though it is up-to-date and includes recent important developments, there is a lot of classical material in the book, albeit presented with unprecedented clarity and coherence. The first six chapters are actually a very good introduction to the theory underlying many phenomena in soft matter physics, beyond the focus on flow and transport of the later chapters of the book.” Prof Richard A.L. Jones FRS, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Innovation, University of Sheffield


Complex Fluids and Composite Materials Diffuse Interface Model Diffusive Heat Flux Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics Textbook on Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics Theory of Fluctuations

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