MicroRNAs as Tools in Biopharmaceutical Production

  • Niall Barron

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages 1-1
  2. Stephen L. Clarke, McKale R. Davis, Ramanjulu Sunkar
    Pages 15-27
  3. Colin Clarke, Niall Barron, Mark Gallagher, Michael Henry, Paula Meleady, Martin Clynes
    Pages 29-48
  4. Matthias Hackl, Nicole Borth, Johannes Grillari
    Pages 49-64
  5. Joseph Shiloach, Aliaksandr Druz, Michael Betenbaugh
    Pages 65-85
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 119-119

About this book


MicroRNAs are small, non-coding RNA molecules that interact with target mRNAs to modulate their translation. They are now recognized as widespread and critical regulators of gene expression in the cell. This book is aimed at both industry- and academic-based researchers in the Biopharmaceutical production space who wish to learn more about these fascinating molecules. It provides an overview of what is currently known about microRNAs including:

·      a description of their biogenesis and mode of action

·      how they can be detected and measured

·      methods for predicting their target genes

·      how we can manipulate their levels in the cell

·      what lessons can be learned from their behaviour in cancer cells

Most importantly this volume addresses how microRNAs might be utilised in the bioprocess setting to:

·      gain new understanding of CHO cell biology

·      design microRNAs expression engineering strategies to influence cell characteristics such as proliferation rate or recombinant protein productivity

·      predict phenotypic outcomes in cell line development projects


Bioprocessing Chinese Hamster Ovary cells MicroRNA Recombinant protein production

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