Book 2012

The Value of Information

Methodological Frontiers and New Applications in Environment and Health


ISBN: 978-94-007-4838-5 (Print) 978-94-007-4839-2 (Online)

Table of contents (10 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xxviii

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    Pages 1-18

    The Value of Information in Index Insurance for Farmers in Africa

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    Pages 19-43

    The Value of Information in a Risk Management Approach to Climate Change

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    Pages 45-66

    Understanding the Value of Business Information

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    Pages 67-90

    Valuing the Potential Impacts of GEOSS: A Systems Dynamics Approach

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    Pages 91-141

    The Informative Role of Advertising and Experience in Dynamic Brand Choice: An Application to the Ready-to-Eat Cereal Market

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    Pages 143-172

    The Effect of Public and Private Quality Information on Consumer Choice in Health Care Markets

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    Pages 173-191

    Adoption of Over-the-Counter Malaria Diagnostics in Africa: The Role of Subsidies, Beliefs, Externalities, and Competition

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    Pages 193-230

    The Value of Determining Global Land Cover for Assessing Climate Change Mitigation Options

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    Pages 231-255

    Space Imaging and Prevention of Infectious Disease: Rift Valley Fever

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    Pages 257-299

    Estimating the Benefits of Land Imagery in Environmental Applications: A Case Study in Nonpoint Source Pollution of Groundwater

  12. Back Matter

    Pages 301-303