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Atmospheric Temperature Profiles of the Northern Hemisphere

A Compendium of Data


Part of the Springer Atmospheric Sciences book series (SPRINGERATMO)

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    Pages i-xiii
  2. Young P. Yee, Kueyson Y. Yee, Erik Y. Yee
    Pages 1-5
  3. Young P. Yee, Kueyson Y. Yee, Erik Y. Yee
    Pages 7-8
  4. Young P. Yee, Kueyson Y. Yee, Erik Y. Yee
    Pages 9-10
  5. Young P. Yee, Kueyson Y. Yee, Erik Y. Yee
    Pages 11-150
  6. Young P. Yee, Kueyson Y. Yee, Erik Y. Yee
    Pages 151-290
  7. Young P. Yee, Kueyson Y. Yee, Erik Y. Yee
    Pages 291-298
  8. Back Matter
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About this book


For more than three decades, the US Standard Atmosphere has been used by researchers and professionals in many areas of aeronautics and atmospheric sciences. It is an idealized, all season average temperature profile of the earth's atmosphere. But today's modern day and sophisticated global applications require more extensive representations of the mean temperature profile. This book is a global augmentation of the climatological tropospheric temperature profiles in the Northern Hemisphere for different latitude belts and seasons. There are 72 mean temperature profile tables from the surface up to 10 kilometers in height that represent the four seasons for different latitudinal belts (5° N, 10° N , 15° N, 20° N, 25° N, 30° N, 35° N, 40° N, 45° N, 50° N, 55° N, 60° N, 65° N, 70° N, 75° N, 80° N, 85° N). The model is based on a neural network algorithm that uses archived radiosonde data, retrieved temperature profiles from remote sensors, and the solar insolation at the top of the earth's atmosphere. It is the most comprehensive book of mean seasonal tropospheric temperature profiles to date. It will be an indispensible reference to the aeronautic and meteorological industries worldwide as well as an easy-to-use guide for climatologists, meteorologists, aeronautic engineers, researchers and aviators.


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Authors and affiliations

  1. 1.Mkey TechnologiesLas CrucesUSA
  2. 2.Mkey TechnologiesTucsonUSA
  3. 3.Mkey TechnologiesLas CrucesUSA

About the authors

Young Yee, chief climatologist for Mkey Technologies, has more than 25 years of extensive experience involving atmospheric temperature profile measurements and remote sensing temperature retrievals. He was a senior research meteorologist and project leader for the atmospheric science division of the Army Research Laboratory from 1981 to 2006.

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"Atmospheric Temperature Profiles of the Northern Hemisphere" provides significant refinement of the existing US Standard Atmosphere. Using state-of-the-art neural network data processing techniques, the authors have derived from extensive archival databases, seasonal sets of profiles in five-degree latitude increments for the northern latitudes. No longer is it necessary to use a "one size fits all" profile. The profiles contained in the book provide far greater modeling fidelity while being nearly as easy to use as the US Standard Atmosphere. This book should be the reference work of choice for anyone who requires detailed knowledge of the northern atmosphere but does not need spatial and temporal coincidence with a specific location.
Dr. Bill Gutman (Technical Director, Spaceport America)