Space Technology Export Controls and International Cooperation in Outer Space

  • Michael Mineiro

Part of the Space Regulations Library Series book series (SPRL, volume 6)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxvii
  2. An Examination of Preliminary Concerns – Contextual Lenses

  3. A Case Study of U.S. Comsat Export Controls – A Regime In Need of Reform?

  4. Transcending the Case Study – International Space Law and Policy

  5. Back Matter
    Pages 207-235

About this book


Export controls definitively impact international cooperation in outer space.  Civil and commercial space actors that engage in international endeavors must comply with space technology export controls. In the general discourse, members of the civil and commercial space community have an understanding of their domestic export control regime.  However, a careful reading of the literature on space technology export controls reveals that certain questions relevant to international engagements have not been identified or answered.
What is the legal-political origin of space technology export controls? How do they relate to the current international legal structure? What steps can be taken to evolve our current unilateral paradigm of space technology within the context of peaceful exploration and use of outer space?

In this book, these and other relevant questions on space technology export controls are identified and assessed through an insightful case-study of the U.S. commercial communication export control regime. The findings of this case-study are used in an international legal-political analysis of international space law, public international law, and international cooperation. Breaking new ground in international legal theory, a self-justified security dilemma that is manifest in international law is identified and explained as the origin for the current paradigm of space technology export controls.


Analysis of ITAR and EAR Regulations Arms Controls, Disarmament and Proliferation Arms Export Control Act of 1976 Economic Impact of the China Launch Boycott Enhancement of Global Civil Security Export Administration Act of 1979 Export Controls and Satellite Launches Future of Space Goods and Technologies Global Climate Change ITAR International Cooperation in Outer Space International Law and Space Technology Controls International Traffic in Arms Regulation MTCR & Hague Code of Conduct National Export Controls Outer Space Arms Control Outer Space and International Peace and Security Outer Space as the Common Interest of Mankind Policy, Economic, and Techno Globalization Security and International Cooperation Space Goods and Technologies Space Technology Trade and Proliferation Controls Strategic Military and Intelligence Characteristics U.N. Security Council Resolutions U.S Comsat Export Controls U.S.-E.U. Comsat Regulatory Divergence Wassenaar Arrangement World Space Organization

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