Navigating Time and Space in Population Studies

  • Emily R Merchant
  • Glenn D Deane
  • Myron P Gutmann
  • Kenneth M Sylvester

Part of the International Studies in Population book series (ISIP, volume 9)

About this book


This book presents innovative approaches to long-standing questions about the diffusion of population and demographic behavior across space and over time, adding a spatial dimension to temporal analysis and a temporal element to spatial analysis. The studies collected here utilize newly-available historical data along with spatially and temporally explicit analytical methods to assess and refine core demographic theories and to pose new questions about mortality and fertility transitions, migration, urbanization, and social inequality. Covering a broad range of geographical settings and spanning time periods from the eighteenth to the twentieth century, the book reveals the complexity of factors involved in population processes as they simultaneously spread across space and unfold over time. It also presents a rich set of tools with which to explore, analyze, and test the spatial and temporal dynamics of these phenomena.


Brazilian mortality transition Civil war Demographic behaviour Demographic behaviour Fertility transition Global Great depression History Human Geography Marriage market Migration Migration Mortality Mortality Muslim populations Population Population Spatial analysis Spatial processes

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  • Emily R Merchant
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  • Glenn D Deane
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  • Myron P Gutmann
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  • Kenneth M Sylvester
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  1. 1., Inter-University Consortium for PoliticaUniversity of MichiganAnn ArborUSA
  2. 2., Department of SociologyUniversity at AlbanyAlbanyUSA
  3. 3.National Science FoundationArlingtonUSA
  4. 4., Inter-univ. Cons. for Pol. & Soc.Res.University of MichiganAnn ArborUSA

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