Hurricanes and Climate Change

Volume 2

  • James B. Elsner
  • Robert E. Hodges
  • Jill C. Malmstadt
  • Kelsey N. Scheitlin

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Kevin Walsh, Sally Lavender, Hiroyuki Murakami, Enrico Scoccimarro, Louis-Phillipe Caron, Malek Ghantous
    Pages 1-24
  3. Kazuyoshi Oouchi, Masaki Satoh, Yohei Yamada, Hirofumi Tomita, Wataru Yanase
    Pages 25-37
  4. Álvaro Corral
    Pages 81-99
  5. Thomas H. Jagger, James B. Elsner, R. King Burch
    Pages 101-119
  6. Pao-Shin Chu, Xin Zhao, Joo-Hong Kim
    Pages 137-148
  7. Jorge A. Amador, Eric J. Alfaro, Erick R. Rivera, Blanca Calderón
    Pages 149-173
  8. James B. Elsner, Thomas H. Jagger
    Pages 175-190
  9. Jill C. Malmstadt, James B. Elsner, Thomas H. Jagger
    Pages 191-203
  10. Chongjian Liu, Liping Ma, Ying Liu, Zhexian Luo, Xiaotu Lei, Xiaogang Zhou et al.
    Pages 205-215
  11. Back Matter
    Pages 253-255

About this book


Hurricanes are nature’s most destructive agents. Widespread interest surrounds the possibility that they might get even more destructive in the future. Policy makers consider it a call for action. Answers about when and by how much hurricanes will change are sought by financial institutions especially industry. And scientists are challenged by the range and interactions of the processes involved. This book, arising from the 2nd International Summit on Hurricanes and Climate Change, contains new research on topics related to hurricanes and climate change since the 1st Summit. Chapters are grouped into research studies using global climate models and those taking empirical and statistical approaches. The latter include investigations of basin-wide and regional hurricane activity.


Climate change Climatology Cloud Global climate models Global warming Hurricanes Rain Solar variability Typhoon Typhoons cyclone temperature

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  • Robert E. Hodges
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  • Jill C. Malmstadt
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  • Kelsey N. Scheitlin
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