PCR for Clinical Microbiology

An Australian and International Perspective

  • Margret Schuller
  • Theo P. Sloots
  • Gregory S. James
  • Catriona L. Halliday
  • Ian W.J. Carter

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxvii
  2. PCR Fundamentals

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. G. James
      Pages 3-10
    3. Ian Carter, Catriona Halliday, Theo P. Sloots, Todd M. Pryce, Ian D. Kay, Gerald B. Harnett et al.
      Pages 11-47
    4. R. Wood, G. Barber
      Pages 49-59
  3. Clinical Aspects and Diagnosis of Infectious Disease

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 61-61
    2. David L. Gordon
      Pages 63-66
    3. Michael D. Nissen, Stephen B. Lambert, David M. Whiley, Theo P. Sloots
      Pages 67-82
    4. Dominic Dwyer, William Rawlinson
      Pages 83-93
    5. James Buttery
      Pages 95-97
    6. Suzanne M. Garland, David W. Smith, Sepehr N. Tabrizi, David M. Whiley
      Pages 99-115
  4. PCR Protocols for Bacterial Pathogens

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 117-117
    2. Shane Byrne, John Bates, Jennifer M. B. Robson
      Pages 125-131
    3. Sepehr N. Tabrizi
      Pages 137-139
    4. James Branley, Bronwen Roy
      Pages 141-144
    5. John Stenos, Stephen Graves, Michelle Lockhart
      Pages 145-148
    6. Gerald B. Harnett, Glenys R. Chidlow
      Pages 161-164
    7. Maria Globan, Janet Fyfe
      Pages 165-170
    8. David M. Whiley
      Pages 177-178
    9. Rebecca Rockett
      Pages 179-182
    10. David M. Whiley
      Pages 183-185
    11. Helen V. Smith
      Pages 187-190
    12. Snehal Anuj, David M. Whiley
      Pages 191-195
    13. John Stenos, Stephen Graves, Leonard Izzard
      Pages 197-199
    14. Bronwen Roy, Marcel Leroi
      Pages 201-203
    15. Gerald B. Harnett, Julia A. Cattell, Tracy M. Perris, Glenys R. Chidlow
      Pages 205-208
  5. PCR Protocols for Viral Pathogens

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 215-215
    2. Carl Kirkwood
      Pages 217-219
    3. Jonathan Howard
      Pages 221-224
    4. Greg Smith
      Pages 225-228
    5. Jason A. Roberts, Bruce R. Thorley
      Pages 229-233
    6. Jonathan Howard
      Pages 235-240
    7. Gerald B. Harnett, Julia A. Cattell
      Pages 241-244
    8. Scott Bowden
      Pages 245-248
    9. Scott Bowden
      Pages 249-252
    10. Scott Bowden
      Pages 253-256
    11. Scott Bowden
      Pages 257-259
    12. Scott Bowden
      Pages 261-263
    13. Neisha Jeoffreys, David M. Whiley
      Pages 265-270
    14. Sarah J. Tozer
      Pages 271-272
    15. Rebecca Rockett
      Pages 273-275
    16. Jonathan Howard
      Pages 277-279
    17. Sepehr N. Tabrizi
      Pages 281-285
    18. Ian Carter, David M. Whiley
      Pages 287-293

About this book


Not another textbook, but a valuable tool for doctors and microbiologists wanting to know how to set up a PCR diagnostic microbiology laboratory according to current regulatory standards and perform assays supplied with patient clinical diagnostic criteria and easy to follow protocols. Whether laboratories are using commercial kits or in-house methods developed in their own laboratories or adopted from published methods, all clinical microbiology laboratories need to be able to understand, critically evaluate, perform and interpret these tests according to rigorous and clinically appropriate standards and international guidelines. The cost and effort of development and evaluation of in-house tests is considerable and many laboratories do not have the resources to do so. This compendium is a vehicle to improve and maintain the clinical relevance and high quality of diagnostic PCR. It is a unique collection of; guidelines for PCR laboratory set up and quality control, test selection criteria, methods and detailed step by step protocols for a diagnostic assays in the field of molecular microbiology. The structure of the book provides the PCR fundamentals and describes the clinical aspects and diagnosis of infectious disease. This is followed by protocols divided into; bacteria, virus, fungi and parasites, and susceptibility screens. The inclusion of medical criteria and interpretation adds value to the compendium and benefits clinicians, scientists, researchers and students of clinical diagnostic microbiology.


Malaria Protozoa antimicrobial avian influenza bacteria bacterial pathogens infection infections infectious infectious disease microbiology respiratory infection sexually transmitted infection virus

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  • Theo P. Sloots
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  • Gregory S. James
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  • Catriona L. Halliday
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  • Ian W.J. Carter
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