The Developmental Relations among Mind, Brain and Education

Essays in Honor of Robbie Case

  • Michel Ferrari
  • Ljiljana Vuletic

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. Developing Mind and Brain

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 7-7
    2. Robert S. Siegler
      Pages 1-6
    3. Juan Pascual-Leone, Janice Johnson, Alba Agostino
      Pages 49-82
    4. Robert W. Thatcher
      Pages 83-104
    5. Marc S. Schwartz, Kurt W. Fischer
      Pages 149-175
  3. Mind and Brain in Social and Personal Development

  4. Conclusion

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 325-325
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 349-374

About this book


This book explores the intersection of neuroscience, cognitive science and education and its importance for understanding human development. It is also a tribute to the great developmental psychologist Robbie Case, who was professor at the Institute of Child Study at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Education and only 55 years old at the time of his death in the year 2000. The book presents cutting edge work in a field that is now of growing importance, with its own international society (IMBES) and its own journal Mind, Brain and Education, continuing Case’s seminal work.

Contributors to this volume, many of whom are former students and colleagues of Robbie Case, represent some of the leading researchers in developmental psychology. They were asked to explore the interface between mind, brain, and education during development. The subjects they examine range from science education to parenting, bullying, and personal development. Chapters are written in a style that makes them accessible both to teachers and graduate students, and in fact to anyone intrigued by the ways in which neuroscience, cognitive science and education inform one another. The volume also contains a wealth of detail that experts will find informative and thought-provoking. Overall, the book shows both what has been accomplished in this emerging field, as well as the exciting work that remains to be done studying the developmental relations between mind, brain, and education.


Affective Development Anterior Attention System Behaviour Activation System Behaviour Inhibition System Bully-victims Bullying Central Conceptual Structure Central Narrative Structure Central Numerical Structure Cognitive Structure Developmental Neuroscience attention cognitive science development

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  • Michel Ferrari
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  • Ljiljana Vuletic
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  1. 1.Ontario Inst. Studies in Education, Dept. Human Development &University of TorontoTorontoCanada
  2. 2.Ontario Inst. Studies in Education, Dept. Human Development &University of TorontoTorontoCanada

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