Applications of Intelligent Control to Engineering Systems

  • Kimon P. Valavanis

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Diagnostics, Prognostics, Condition-Based Maintenance

    1. Marcos Orchard, Gregory Kacprzynski, Kai Goebel, Bhaskar Saha, George Vachtsevanos
      Pages 23-35
    2. Bing Zhang, Taimoor Khawaja, Romano Patrick, George Vachtsevanos, Marcos Orchard, Abhinav Saxena
      Pages 37-63
    3. D. Brown, G. Georgoulas, H. Bae, G. Vachtsevanos, R. Chen, Y. H. Ho et al.
      Pages 65-88
  3. Unmanned Aerial Systems

    1. Richard Garcia, Laura Barnes, Kimon P. Valavanis
      Pages 91-115
    2. K. Alexis, G. Nikolakopoulos, A. Tzes, L. Dritsas
      Pages 169-193
    3. D. G. Stavrakoudis, J. B. Theocharis, G. C. Zalidis
      Pages 195-221
  4. Bioengineering/Neurotechnology

    1. Brian Litt, Rosana Esteller, Javier Echauz, Maryann D'Alessandro, Rachel Shor, Thomas Henry et al.
      Pages 225-245
    2. Javier Echauz, Hiram Firpi, George Georgoulas
      Pages 247-263
  5. Intelligent Control Systems

    1. Bonnie S. Heck, Linda M. Wills, George J. Vachtsevanos
      Pages 267-293
    2. Athanasios Tsalatsanis, Kimon P. Valavanis, Ali Yalcin
      Pages 295-328
    3. T. L. Kottas, Y. S. Boutalis, M. A. Christodoulou
      Pages 329-363

About this book


This book represents the work of top scientists in the field of intelligent control and its applications, prognostics, diagnostics, condition based maintenance and unmanned systems. The work presents an approach to solving engineering problems related to manufacturing, automation, and especially unmanned systems and describes recent advances in the disciplines mentioned above.

The main goal of the book is to demonstrate how concepts and ideas from diverse disciplines are merged within a common framework applied to the solution of complex problems.


Kalman filter actuator aerospace automation control control system filtering fuzzy logic intelligent control model predictive control prognostics robot robotics systems uncertainty

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  • Kimon P. Valavanis
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  1. 1.Department of Electrical & Computer EngineeringUniversity of DenverDenverUSA

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