1V CMOS Gm-C Filters

Design and Applications

  • Tien-Yu Lo
  • Chung-Chih Hung

Part of the Analog Circuits and Signal Processing book series (ACSP)

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About this book


1V CMOS Gm-C Filters: Design and Applications discusses the design aspects of transconductor and Gm-C filter circuits, with a special focus on 1V circuit implementations. The emphasis is on high linearity voltage-to-current blocks for wireless and wireline applications, and the designs cover up to very high speed specifications.

1V CMOS Gm-C Filters: Design and Applications starts with a general introduction to the concepts of transconductors. The overview of the general architectures is provided, ranging from shunt feedback to floating gate topologies. A variety of transconductors based on nano-scale technologies are discussed with special attentions to the short channel effect. The performances are optimized while taking speed, linearity and power consumption into consideration. The implementation of the Gm-C filter is introduced following the transconductors. The filter synthesis and non-ideal effects caused by active devices are analyzed. Three Gm-C filters are implemented for channel selection in wireless receivers, and all of these filters operate under multiple modes to save chip area. The target applications are IEEE 802.11a/b/g Wireless LANs, Wideband CDMA, cdma2000, and Bluetooth. Moreover, the high speed filter required for pulse signal interface is also discussed. Several high speed filters are implemented with systematic design procedures. The design and discussion of automatic tuning systems are included as well.

1V CMOS Gm-C Filters: Design and Applications provides a clear introduction of low voltage architectures and yields insight into the influence of circuit non-idealities. The fully CMOS implementation could be useful for wireless and wireline applications. The basic design concepts can be easily constructed through the illustration of this book. This book can be provided for engineers and researchers who are interested in the transconductor and Gm-C filter. It is also a good reference for the course related to analog integrated circuit design.


Analog Filter Analog Integrated Circuit CMOS Filter Gm-C Filter Operational Transconductance Amplifier (OTA) Transconductor integrated circuit micro-alloy transistor

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