Prognosis of Neurological Diseases

  • Angelo Sghirlanzoni
  • Giuseppe Lauria
  • Luisa Chiapparini

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Anna Bersano, Luigi Caputi, Eugenio Agostino Parati
    Pages 1-9
  3. Luigi Caputi, Anna Bersano, Eugenio Agostino Parati
    Pages 11-21
  4. Marco Longoni, Elio Agostoni
    Pages 23-35
  5. Marco Gemma, Maria Rosa Calvi
    Pages 37-52
  6. Maria Rosa Calvi, Marco Gemma
    Pages 53-60
  7. Alessandro Pincherle, Giuseppe Didato, Flavio Villani
    Pages 61-73
  8. Enrico Marchioni, Giulia Berzero
    Pages 75-92
  9. Liliana Praticò, Laura Gerna, Lorenzo Minoli
    Pages 93-119
  10. Meena Angamuthu Kanikannan
    Pages 121-130
  11. Giuseppe Di Fede, Fabrizio Tagliavini
    Pages 131-138
  12. Graziella Filippini, Paolo Agostino Confalonieri
    Pages 139-151
  13. Graziella Filippini
    Pages 153-156
  14. Enrico Marchioni, Sabrina Ravaglia
    Pages 157-162
  15. Ettore Salsano, Davide Pareyson
    Pages 163-175
  16. Luigi Zuliani, Marco Zoccarato, Bruno Giometto
    Pages 177-181
  17. Pietro Tiraboschi
    Pages 183-195
  18. Stefano D’Arrigo, Enrico Alfei, Chiara Pantaleoni
    Pages 197-207
  19. Andrea Rigamonti, Elio Agostoni
    Pages 209-216
  20. Alberto Burlina, Andrea Celato, Alessandro P. Burlina
    Pages 217-247
  21. Stefano DiDonato, Angelo Sghirlanzoni
    Pages 249-260
  22. Gabriele Mora, Adriano Chiò
    Pages 261-272
  23. Domenico D’ Amico, Alberto Proietti Cecchini, Susanna Usai, Licia Grazzi, Gennaro Bussone
    Pages 273-285
  24. Luisa Chiapparini
    Pages 287-297
  25. Giorgio Battaglia, Marina Casazza
    Pages 299-330
  26. Antonio Silvani, Paola Gaviani, Francesco DiMeco
    Pages 331-348
  27. Marica Eoli
    Pages 349-354
  28. Marco Zoccarato, Luigi Zuliani, Bruno Giometto
    Pages 355-361
  29. Marco Prastaro, Floriano Girotti
    Pages 369-374
  30. Franco Valzania
    Pages 375-379
  31. Marco Prastaro
    Pages 385-387
  32. Rocco Quatrale
    Pages 389-393
  33. Caterina Mariotti, Franco Taroni
    Pages 395-403
  34. Gian Maria Fabrizi, Giampietro Zanette
    Pages 405-444
  35. Francesca Baschieri, Gabrielle Peeters, Pietro Cortelli
    Pages 445-455
  36. Carlo Antozzi, Renato Mantegazza
    Pages 457-468
  37. Lucia Morandi, Lorenzo Maggi
    Pages 469-480
  38. Lucia Morandi
    Pages 481-487
  39. Daniele Cazzato, Giuseppe Lauria
    Pages 489-505
  40. Back Matter
    Pages 507-519

About this book


This book offers clear, detailed guidance on all aspects of prognostic evaluation in patients who have been diagnosed with a neurological illness or have been involved in an accident with neurological consequences. It covers the full range of disorders of central and peripheral nervous system, providing accurate prognostic estimates and addressing relevant clinical issues, differential diagnosis, and the role of imaging. The volume is practically oriented and designed for use on a daily basis when assessing prognosis and discussing the outcome with patients, their families, and other interested parties. It will support patient–doctor partnerships by ensuring professional answers to patients’ and doctors’ questions and by promoting realistic expectations of the effect of medical interventions. In addition, it will enable doctors, lawyers, and other professionals to understand relevant issues when an estimate of prognosis and life expectancy is the subject of legal dispute.


Measures of prognosis (of neurological diseases) Prognostic indicators Risk evaluation Survival rate Survival time

Editors and affiliations

  • Angelo Sghirlanzoni
    • 1
  • Giuseppe Lauria
    • 2
  • Luisa Chiapparini
    • 3
  1. 1.Fondazione “Giancarlo Quarta”, MilanoMilanItaly
  2. 2.Istituto Neurologico C. BestaMilanItaly
  3. 3.Istituto Neurologico C. BestaMilanItaly

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