Imaging Coronary Arteries

  • David A. Dowe
  • Massimo Fioranelli
  • Paolo Pavone

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XII
  2. Massimo Fioranelli, Carlo Gonnella, Stefano Tonioni, Fabrizio D’Errico, Mariantonietta Carbone
    Pages 1-11
  3. Paolo Pavone
    Pages 21-28
  4. Paolo Pavone
    Pages 29-40
  5. Mara Piccoli, Serafino Orazi, Giovanna Giubilato, Massimo Fioranelli
    Pages 41-46
  6. Damien Casagrande, Jean-Jacques Goy, Mario Togni, Jean Christophe Stauffer, Stéphane Cook
    Pages 47-52
  7. Giuseppe M. Sangiorgi, Luigi Politi, Chiara Leuzzi, Luigi Mattioli, Fabiana Rollini, Massimo Fioranelli
    Pages 53-61
  8. Andrea Montalto, Francesco Musumeci
    Pages 85-90
  9. Carlo Nicola De Cecco, Gorka Bastarrika, Marco Rengo
    Pages 91-100
  10. Enrica Mariano, Giuseppe M. Sangiorgi, Massimo Fioranelli
    Pages 101-113
  11. Gorka Bastarrika, Carlo Nicola De Cecco, U. Joseph Schoepf
    Pages 115-130
  12. Paolo Pavone, Roberto Leo
    Pages 131-135
  13. Francesco Prati, Luca Di Vito
    Pages 137-146
  14. Giulio Speciale, Vincenzo Pasceri
    Pages 147-152
  15. David A. Dowe
    Pages 153-155
  16. Bruno Pironi, Antonio Lucifero, Massimo Fioranelli
    Pages 157-163
  17. David A. Dowe, Paolo Pavone, Massimo Fioranelli
    Pages 165-258
  18. Back Matter
    Pages 259-261

About this book


Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in Western countries. In non-fatal cases, they are associated with a decreased quality of life as well as a substantial economic burden to society. Most sudden cardiac events are related to the complications of a non-stenosing marginal plaque. For this reason, the ability to properly identify the atherosclerotic plaque with rapid, non-invasive techniques is of utmost clinical interest in therapeutic planning. CT produces high-quality images of the coronary arteries, in addition to defining their location and the extent of the atherosclerotic involvement. Proper knowledge of the equipment, adequate preparation of the patient, and accurate evaluation of the images are essential to obtaining a consistent clinical diagnosis in every case. This new edition is enriched with dedicated chapters on intravascular ultrasound (IVUS), catheter angiography, and nuclear imaging, with limited discussions of theoretical techniques such as optical coherence tomography (OCT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Brief chapters will also be included that discuss percutaneous coronary artery procedures and coronary artery bypass surgery. Indications of when to use CCTA will be discussed, with comparison of these imaging techniques to each other. This volume provides general practitioners and cardiologists with a basic understanding of the imaging techniques. For radiologists with no direct experience in cardiac imaging, the book serves as an important source of information on coronary pathophysiology and anatomy.

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  • David A. Dowe
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  • Massimo Fioranelli
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  • Paolo Pavone
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  1. 1.Atlantic Medical ImagingGallowayUSA
  2. 2.Casa di Cura Mater DeiRomeItaly
  3. 3.“Guglielmo Marconi” UniversityRomeItaly
  4. 4.Radiology DepartmentCasa di Cura Mater DeiRomeItaly

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