Small Implants in Knee Reconstruction

  • Norberto Confalonieri
  • Sergio Romagnoli

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Norberto Confalonieri
    Pages 1-4
  3. Norberto Confalonieri, Alfonso Manzotti
    Pages 43-50
  4. Hemant G. Pandit, David W. Murray, Christopher A. F. Dodd
    Pages 51-58
  5. Sergio Romagnoli, Francesco Verde, Sara Zacchetti
    Pages 59-70
  6. Jean Yves Jenny, Dominique Saragaglia
    Pages 71-79
  7. Sergio Romagnoli, Francesco Verde, Michele Corbella, Sara Zacchetti
    Pages 81-93
  8. Sergio Romagnoli, Francesco Verde, Michele Corbella, Sara Zacchetti
    Pages 105-116
  9. Sebastien Parratte, Matthieu Ollivier, Jean-Manuel Aubaniac, Jean-Noel Argenson
    Pages 117-124
  10. John Newman
    Pages 137-147
  11. Lindsay Rolston
    Pages 149-157
  12. Sergio Romagnoli, Francesco Verde, Sara Zacchetti
    Pages 159-168
  13. Back Matter
    Pages 169-171

About this book


Minimally invasive joint replacement has become one of the hottest topics in the orthopedic world. In the case of the knee, however, this concept has been widely misunderstood. All too frequently it is taken to mean keyhole surgery in which traditional components are implanted with a shorter surgical time. Such an approach in fact has few benefits and various possible dangers.

In this book, international experts discuss truly minimally invasive knee reconstruction techniques that involve tissue-sparing surgery and small implants and permit preservation of both the anterior and the posterior cruciate ligament. These techniques have the key advantage of respecting the physiological joint biomechanics. They also entail minimal removal of bone tissue from the tibia and only a small skin incision that avoids damage to the extensor apparatus. All of the most innovative techniques used in uni- and bicompartmental knee reconstruction are covered in detail, including computer-assisted procedures. Long-term results are reported, and pitfalls, highlighted. The reader will learn how, with careful selection of patients and rigorous surgical technique, compartmental reconstruction offers a valid alternative to total knee replacement.


ACL-sparing arthroplasty knee

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