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Mid-sized Manufacturing Companies: The New Driver of Italian Competitiveness

  • Fulvio Coltorti
  • Riccardo Resciniti
  • Annalisa Tunisini
  • Riccardo Varaldo

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Annalisa Tunisini, Riccardo Resciniti
    Pages 1-11
  3. Gabriele Barbaresco, Emanuela Salerno
    Pages 13-40
  4. Gabriele Barbaresco, Nadia Portioli
    Pages 41-73
  5. Riccardo Resciniti, Annalisa Tunisini
    Pages 75-136
  6. Fulvio Coltorti, Riccardo Varaldo
    Pages 137-146
  7. Michela Matarazzo
    Pages 169-191

About this book


The structure of Italian industry is characterized by a predominance of small sized companies and the presence of very few large companies. For a long time a conviction was shared among scholars and practitioners that the strength and safety of Italian industry were based on its industrial districts, that is, the system of interdependent and co-localized small companies which derive their competitive force from an effective and efficient division of labour. This book stresses the idea that a new, vital and promising phenomenon for the competitiveness of Italian industry is focused on mid-sized companies, and the systems of interconnected firms that form a constituent part of their business model. These companies, which originate largely from districts and other local production systems, are a strong entrepreneurial force complementing the districts that have characterized Italy and made Italian industry famous worldwide. A quantitative and qualitative analysis of these firms is provided in this book. Business models and strategies implemented by a number of successful Italian mid-sized manufacturing companies are also explored. Consequences in terms of management and industrial policies are provided. A final look at the German Mittelstand gives a useful comparison.


Business models Industrial Organization Innovation and Competitiveness Made in Italy Mid-sized companies

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