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How to Make Money by Fast Trading

A Guide to Success


Part of the Perspectives in Business Culture book series (PEPIBC)

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About this book


All over the world a growing number of people are viewing trading the markets as a valuable source of additional income or even as a new career option. Sitting in front of a PC, they are able to connect to their broker’s trading platform and buy or sell on the world market assets of all kinds: gold, oil, shares, bonds, and so forth.

There was a time when a market crash would have led to loss of sleep for the “common Joe,” who knew only how to be long in the markets; the short position was badly understood and in some cases difficult to realize in practice. Today, it is no longer a problem to be short on almost any class of asset. Being long or short is in fact a matter of indifference to traders today. They have only one problem: making money by being on the right side of the market. Other reasons why more and more people are supplementing their income through fast trading are the long opening hours of many markets (indeed, the Forex is practically always open) and the ease of trading assets using the leverage effect, whereby the trader owns only part of the total sum and the remainder is financed by the broker.

This book is an ideal guide on how to make money by fast trading. It will be especially valuable for those wishing to trade in their spare time with a limited amount of capital. Different styles of trading, including scalping, day trading, and swing trading, are clearly described, with advice on how to avoid common mistakes. In addition, the “Donkey” trading system – a system designed for everybody – is fully explained. Using this book, the reader will learn how to manage risk safely, maximizing the likelihood of success.


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