Functional MRI

ESDIR, Seminar No. 24 Rome, October 26–28, 1995

  • Paolo Pavone
  • Plinio Rossi

Part of the Syllabus book series (SYLLABUS)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages N2-IX
  2. Basics of Functional MRI

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. K. R. Thulborn, B. McCurtain, J. Voyvodic, S. Chang, J. Gillen, J. A. Sweeney
      Pages 15-19
  3. Neurofunctional MRI: Techniques

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 21-21
    2. D. Le Bihan
      Pages 23-27
    3. P. Turski, B. Mock, E. Baker, S. Terae, M. Bahn
      Pages 28-30
    4. P. Reimer, G. Schuierer, A. Tigges, C. Fischer, P. E. Peters
      Pages 31-35
    5. J. V. Hajnal, A. Oatridge, N. Saeed, G. M. Bydder, I. R. Young
      Pages 41-44
    6. R. Wirestam, M. Bolling, O. Rudling, S. Brockstedt, P. Åkeson, S. Holtås et al.
      Pages 45-48
    7. C. A. Porro, V. Cettolo, M. P. Francescato, M. E. Diamond, P. Baraldi, C. Zuiani et al.
      Pages 49-51
  4. Brain Functional Anatomy as Assessed with MRI: Clinical Applications of Functional Brain MRI

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 53-53
    2. J. Frahm, A. Kleinschmidt, G. Krüger, M. Requardt, K. D. Merboldt, W. Hänicke
      Pages 55-61
    3. E. M. Haacke, S. Lai, J. R. Reichenbach, F. Hoogenraad, H. Takeichi, K. Kuppusamy et al.
      Pages 62-65
    4. B. Mazoyer
      Pages 66-69
    5. D. G. Gadian
      Pages 70-72
    6. K. R. Thulborn, J. Voyvodic, B. McCurtain, J. Gillen, S. Chang, M. Just et al.
      Pages 91-96
    7. P. Turski, B. Mock, M. Lowe, E. Baker, J. Sorenson
      Pages 97-98
    8. A. G. Sorensen
      Pages 99-102
  5. fMRI in Current Clinical Practice

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 103-103
    2. C. T. W. Moonen, P. van Gelderen, N. Ramsey, G. Liu, J. H. Duyn, J. Frank et al.
      Pages 105-110
    3. P. Reimer, G. Schuierer, M. Deimling, E. Müller, P. E. Peters
      Pages 111-114
    4. M. Gallucci, C. Micheli, G. P. Cardone, G. B. Minio Paluello, M. Castrucci
      Pages 115-118
    5. A. Righini, O. de Divitiis, A. Prinster, D. Spagnoli, I. Appollonio, L. Bello et al.
      Pages 119-124
  6. Functional Evaluation of Parenchymal Organs and the Heart with MRI

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 125-125
    2. G. P. Krestin, R. A. Huch Böni
      Pages 127-130
    3. G. P. Krestin, J. F. Debatin
      Pages 131-134
    4. D. N. Firmin, P. D. Gatehouse, J. Keegan, D. J. Pennell, P. Jhooti, R. H. Mohiaddin et al.
      Pages 142-145
    5. D. H. Szolar, M. Saeed, M. Wendland, H. Sakuma, M. A. Stiskal, T. P. L. Roberts et al.
      Pages 146-154
    6. L. Axel, D. C. Bloomgarden
      Pages 155-157
    7. E. Di Cesare, A. Costanzi, C. Masciocchi, R. Maurizi Enrici
      Pages 158-162

About these proceedings


Every day MRI is gaining more and more appreciation by all me die al specialists for its impressive quality of anatomical images. This morphological information gives consistent help in terms of earlier diagnosis, lesion characterisation, and definition of the extent of disease. However, morphology is not the only infor­ mation obtained through MRI. Recently, a large number of researchers have exploited the possibility of also obtaining functional information with MRI. Results of brain activation studies have been initially performed in Boston and have been confirmed by investiga­ tors all over the world. Important functional data can be obtained not only on the brain, but also on the heart and on parenchymal organs. The diffusion nowadays of commercial MR units used with high field gradient and echo planar techniques allows functional data to be obtained in any routine clinical activity. This book appears at the right time to provide information on fMRI to all MR users wanting to obtain clinical experience with this new too1. We thank the authors of each paper for their efforts and for the outstanding contribution both to the seminar and on these pages. We are especially grateful to BRACCO INTERNATIONAL, who generous­ ly supported the publication of this Syllabus and the European Seminar on Di­ agnostic and Interventional Radiology (ESDIR), held in Rome on October 26- 28,1995. We hope that this editorial work will be valid as a reference collection of pa­ pers on this new field of medicine.


Tumor angiography brain functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) magnetic resonance magnetic resonance imaging magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) muscle neuroimaging physiology surgery

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  1. 1.Istituto di RadiologiaUniversità La Sapienza, Policlinico Umberto IRomaItaly

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