Intestinal Polyps and Polyposis

From Genetics to Treatment and Follow-up

  • Gian Gaetano Delaini
  • Tomáš Skřička
  • Gianluca Colucci

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XIV
  2. Stefano Tardivo, Silvia Biasin, William Mantovani, Albino Poli
    Pages 1-18
  3. Sara Pecori, Paola Capelli, Marco Vergine, Fabio Manestrina
    Pages 19-37
  4. Mauro Risio
    Pages 39-46
  5. Gabriele Riegler, Annalisa de Leone, Ilaria Esposito
    Pages 59-69
  6. Luigi Benini, Anna Rostello, Chiara Scattolini, Laura Peraro, Luca Frulloni, Italo Vantini
    Pages 71-76
  7. Raffaele Palmirotta, Patrizia Ferroni, Mario Roselli, Fiorella Guadagni
    Pages 77-93
  8. Riccardo Manfredi, Niccoló Faccioli
    Pages 95-102
  9. Guilio Aniello Santoro, Sandro Magrini, Luciano Pellegrini, Guiseppe Gizzi, Guiseppe Di Falco
    Pages 103-113
  10. Michele Comberlato, Federico Martin
    Pages 127-133
  11. Guido Missale, Gianpaolo Cengia, Dario Moneghini, Luigi Minelli, Gian Paolo Lancini, Domenico Della Casa et al.
    Pages 135-147
  12. Walter Piubello, Fabrizio Bonfante, Irene Zagni, Morena Tebaldi
    Pages 161-167
  13. Gian Gaetano Delaini, Chiara Zugni, Tania Magro, Filippo Nifosì, Maurizio Mainente, Gianluca Colucci
    Pages 169-178
  14. Filippo Nifosì, Maurizio Mainente, Gianluca Colucci, Gian Gaetano Delaini
    Pages 179-184
  15. Francesco Tonelli, Rosa Valanzano
    Pages 185-189
  16. Tomáš Skřička, Pavel Fabian
    Pages 191-197
  17. Tomáš Skřička, Lenka Foretová, Pavel Fabian
    Pages 199-205
  18. Gian Gaetano Delaini, Andrea Chimetto, Marco Lo Muzio, Filippo Nifosì, Maurizio Mainente, Gianluca Colucci
    Pages 207-216
  19. Monica Mazzucato, Silvia Manea, Oliviana Gelasio, Cinzia Minichiello, Paola Facchin
    Pages 225-234
  20. John D. Roberts, Mick J. Mason
    Pages 235-241
  21. Back Matter
    Pages 243-246

About this book


Nowadays, we are dealing more frequently with the entity of large intestine polyps, as endoscopy and bowel cancer screening programmes are rapidly expanding. Often a single polyp is involved, but more complex situations are also encountered, including the well-defined pattern of polyposis. These situations can fall into a gray area, not only for diagnosis, but also for the correct treatment and follow-up. New developments in pathophysiology and treatment options are leading to new questions. This handbook aims to offer a integrated approach for all physicians (doctors) who deal with these issues, by presenting up-to-date discussion from genetics through treatment, to implications of genetic counseling. It will also help specialists to offer more "evidence-based" treatments, by implementing the best clinical individual judgement informed by the best current scientific evidence.


Bowel Cancer Cancer Screening Endoscopic surgery Familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP) Polyposis Sporadic polyp Treatment colectomy endoscopy imaging

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  • Gian Gaetano Delaini
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  • Tomáš Skřička
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  • Gianluca Colucci
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  2. 2.Department of SurgeryMasaryk Memorial Cancer InstituteBrnoCzech Republic
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