Biliary Lithiasis

Basic Science, Current Diagnosis and Management

  • Giuseppe Borzellino
  • Claudio Cordiano

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XVI
  2. Stefan Sauerland
    Pages 13-18
  3. Piero Portincasa, Antonio Moschetta, Agostino Di Ciaula, Daniela Pontrelli, Rosa C. Sasso, Helen H. Wang et al.
    Pages 19-49
  4. Grant Caddy
    Pages 67-74
  5. Riccardo Manfredi, Sara Mehrabi, Massimiliano Motton, Roberto Pozzi Mucelli
    Pages 75-92
  6. Luc Soler, Ronan Cahill, Jacques Marescaux
    Pages 93-103
  7. Gian M Gazzaniga, Marco Filauro
    Pages 115-122
  8. Markus Schäfer
    Pages 123-129
  9. Jean-Marc Catheline, Joël Roussel
    Pages 131-141
  10. Emilie Lermite, Patrick Pessaux
    Pages 143-148
  11. Piero Portincasa, Antonio Moschetta, Francesco Puglisi, Luigi Borracino, David Q. -H. Wang
    Pages 149-157
  12. G. Paolo Spina, Giacomo Gaverini
    Pages 159-173
  13. Anna M. Koivusalo
    Pages 175-183
  14. Jean-François Gigot, Catherine Hubert, Benoit Navez
    Pages 185-207
  15. Cinthya Solano, Monica Gualtierotti, Ronan Cahill, Jacques Marescaux
    Pages 209-216
  16. Manuel Planells Roig, Rafael Garcia Espinosa, Consuelo Arnal Bertomeu, Angel Sanahuja Santafé, Miguel Carrau Giner, Maria Cervera Delgado et al.
    Pages 217-236
  17. Giuseppe Borzellino, Edoardo Saladino, Manuela De Luca, Claudio Cordiano
    Pages 237-247
  18. Lorenzo Capussotti, Andrea Muratore, Alessandro Ferrero, Luca Viganò
    Pages 249-253
  19. Gennaro Nuzzo, Felice Giuliante, Francesco Ardito
    Pages 255-309
  20. Jürgen Treckmann, Christoph E. Broelsch, Andreas Paul
    Pages 311-316
  21. Olivier Chapuis, Brice Malgras, Anne Bouix
    Pages 317-323
  22. Mario Morino, Alberto Arezzo
    Pages 325-339
  23. Alessandro M. Paganini, Adriana Rotundo, Emanuele Lezoche
    Pages 341-350
  24. Giuseppe Borzellino, Edoardo Saladino, Francesco Lombardo, Claudio Cordiano
    Pages 351-356
  25. Carmelo Sciumè, Girolamo Geraci, Franco Pisello, Tiziana Facella, Francesco Li Volsi, Giuseppe Modica
    Pages 365-382
  26. Giuseppe Borzellino, Edoardo Saladino, Anna M. Minicozzi, Claudio Cordiano
    Pages 383-392
  27. Markus K. Müller, Frauke Löhlein, Markus Schäfer
    Pages 393-400
  28. Ciro Esposito, Marianna De Marco, Claudia della Corte, Raffaele Iorio, Pietro Vayro, Alessandro Settimi
    Pages 401-408
  29. Paul Sungler, Horst Steiner
    Pages 409-413
  30. Mario Rizzello, Giovanni Casella, Francesca Abbatini, Gianfranço Silecchia, Nicola Basso
    Pages 415-424
  31. Alberto del Genio, Gianluca Rossetti, Vincenzo Maffettone, Vincenzo Napolitano, Gianmattia del Genio, Luigi Brusciano et al.
    Pages 425-434
  32. Patrick Pessaux, Emilie Lermite
    Pages 435-438
  33. Giovanni De Manzoni, Simone Giacopuzzi, Giuseppe Borzellino, Claudio Cordiano
    Pages 439-447
  34. Benoit Navez, Hwai-Ding Lam, Jean-François Gigot
    Pages 449-454
  35. Andrea Ruzzenente, Chiara Zugni, Alfredo Guglielmi
    Pages 455-465
  36. Yuji Nimura
    Pages 467-478
  37. Luís Carrilho-Ribeiro, Miguel Carneiro de Moura
    Pages 479-487
  38. Stefano Amplatz, Fausto Chilovi
    Pages 489-495
  39. Luigi Roncoroni, Leopoldo Sarli, Gabriele Regina
    Pages 497-508
  40. Back Matter
    Pages 509-513

About this book


The book provides an overview on biliary lithiasis and all its clinical pictures, twenty years after the first laparoscopic cholecystectomy. The gallbladder, the main bile duct and intra-hepatic stones, in their uncomplicated and complicated forms are illustrated. Chapters are focused on basic science, epidemiology, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to biliary lithiasis. The different diagnostic procedures described include  invasive and noninvasive imaging,  and treatment options take into consideration medical treatment, open and minimally invasive surgery, endoscopic and percutaneous approaches, both individually and as combined procedures. 

The book's content is not limited to the most commonly used therapeutic approaches reported in the literature, but also addresses new and innovative therapeutic strategies for biliary lithiasis.

Thanks to its comprehensive approach, this volume will be of interest not only for GPs amd specialists in this field, but also to residents and other health professional of different disciplines.


classification cystectomy diagnosis endoscopy imaging interventional radiology laparoscopic surgery laparoscopy minimally invasive surgery obesity pathophysiology physiology shock surgery ultrasound

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  • Giuseppe Borzellino
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  • Claudio Cordiano
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  1. 1.Department of SurgeryUniversity of VeronaVeronaItaly

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