D.D. Kosambi

Selected Works in Mathematics and Statistics

  • Ramakrishna Ramaswamy

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiii
  2. Essays on and by D.D. Kosambi

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Ramakrishna Ramaswamy
      Pages 3-14
    3. Ramakrishna Ramaswamy
      Pages 15-25
    4. Ramakrishna Ramaswamy
      Pages 27-34
    5. Ramakrishna Ramaswamy
      Pages 35-39
    6. Back Matter
      Pages 41-45
  3. Select Publications of D.D. Kosambi

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 47-47
    2. D. D. Kosambi
      Pages 49-53
    3. D. D. Kosambi
      Pages 59-70
    4. par Élie Cartan
      Pages 71-74
    5. D. D. Kosambi
      Pages 87-91
    6. D. D. Kosambi
      Pages 109-113
    7. D. D. Kosambi
      Pages 115-123
    8. D. D. Kosambi
      Pages 141-147
    9. D. D. Kosambi
      Pages 165-170
    10. D. D. Kosambi
      Pages 171-178
    11. D. D. Kosambi
      Pages 179-191
    12. D. D. Kosambi
      Pages 193-196
    13. D. D. Kosambi
      Pages 197-205
    14. S. Ducray
      Pages 207-211
  4. Select Publications of D.D. Kosambi in Other Languages

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 213-213
    2. Note de M. Damodar Kosambi, présentée par M. Élie Cartan
      Pages 221-223
    3. Open image in new window The Method of Least Squares
      D. D. Kosambi
      Pages 225-232

About this book


This book fills an important gap in studies on D. D. Kosambi. For the first time, the mathematical work of Kosambi is described, collected and presented in a manner that is accessible to non-mathematicians as well. A number of his papers that are difficult to obtain in these areas are made available here. In addition, there are essays by Kosambi that have not been published earlier as well as some of his lesser known works. Each of the twenty four papers is prefaced by a commentary on the significance of the work, and where possible, extracts from technical reviews by other mathematicians.


Applicatioon of mathematics and statistics D.D. Kosambi History of Indian mathematics Indian mathematician Statistical methods in number theory Statistics in function space

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