Spatial Complexity, Informatics, and Wildlife Conservation

  • Samuel A. Cushman
  • Falk Huettmann

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Theory and Practice

    1. Samuel A. Cushman, Jeremy Littell, Kevin McGarigal
      Pages 43-63
    2. Samuel A. Cushman, Jeffrey S. Evans, Kevin McGarigal
      Pages 65-82
    3. Samuel A. Cushman, Kevin Gutzweiler, Jeffrey S. Evans, Kevin McGarigal
      Pages 83-108
  3. Method and Data

    1. Samuel A. Cushman, Kevin S. McKelvey
      Pages 111-129
    2. Michael K. Schwartz, Kevin S. McKelvey, Samuel A. Cushman, Gordon Luikart
      Pages 165-174
    3. Gregory J. McDermid, Nicholas C. Coops, Michael A. Wulder, Steven E. Franklin, Nicole E. Seitz
      Pages 193-221
    4. Marie-Josée Fortin, Mark R. T. Dale, Stefania Bertazzon
      Pages 255-272
    5. Troy M. Hegel, Samuel A. Cushman, Jeffrey Evans, Falk Huettmann
      Pages 273-311
    6. Kevin S. McKelvey, Samuel A. Cushman, Michael K. Schwartz
      Pages 313-328
  4. Examples

  5. Back Matter
    Pages 451-458

About this book


As Earth faces the greatest mass extinction in 65 million years, the present is a moment of tremendous foment and emergence in ecological science. With leaps in advances in ecological research and the technical tools available, scientists face the critical task of challenging policymakers and the public to recognize the urgency of our global crisis. This book focuses directly on the interplay between theory, data, and analytical methodology in the rapidly evolving fields of animal ecology, conservation, and management. The mixture of topics of particular current relevance includes landscape ecology, remote sensing, spatial modeling, geostatistics, genomics, and ecological informatics. The greatest interest to the practicing scientist and graduate student will be the synthesis and integration of these topics to provide a composite view of the emerging field of spatial ecological informatics and its applications in research and management.


complexity conservation development ecology environment forest genetics genome genomics information landscape ecology mammals spatial wild life wildlife management

Editors and affiliations

  • Samuel A. Cushman
    • 1
  • Falk Huettmann
    • 2
  1. 1.US Forest ServiceRocky Mountain Research StationMissoulaUSA
  2. 2.EWHALE lab- Biology and Wildlife DepartmentInstitute of Arctic Biology, University of Alaska-FairbanksFairbanksUSA

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