Representation and Brain

  • Shintaro¬†Funahashi

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XII
  2. Visual Information Processing and Visual Image Production

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Yoshimichi Ejima, Shigeko Takahashi, Hiroki Yamamoto, Naokazu Goda
      Pages 3-20
    3. Giorgio Ganis, Stephen M. Kosslyn
      Pages 21-45
  3. Motor Image and Body Schema

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 121-121
    2. Samson Freyermuth, Jean-Philippe Lachaux, Philippe Kahane, Alain Berthoz
      Pages 199-216
  4. Memory as an Internal Representation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 217-217
    2. Joel E. Brown, Jeffrey S. Taube
      Pages 219-248
  5. Manipulation of Internal Representation

  6. Back Matter
    Pages 359-366

About this book


How is information represented in the nervous system? How is that information manipulated and processed? These are some of the more important and challenging questions for neuroscientists and psychologists today. Understanding brain functions, especially the neural mechanisms of higher cognitive processes such as thinking, reasoning, judging, and decision making, are the subjects covered by the research in the chapters of this book. They describe recent progress in four major research areas: visual functions, motor functions, memory functions, and prefrontal functions. Readers will obtain an excellent idea of how the nervous system internally represents the outer world, how the nervous system constructs images or schemas to perceive the outer world or react to the environment, and how the nervous system processes information using internal representations - topics that are at the forefront of brain science today.


Action Internal representation Memory Nervous System Top-down process brain cortex information information processing neural mechanisms neuroscience perception reasoning thinking visual information processing

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