TRON Project 1989

Open-Architecture Computer Systems

  • Ken Sakamura

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  2. Key Note Address

    1. Front Matter
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    2. Ken Sakamura
      Pages 3-14
  3. ITRON

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 15-15
    2. Hideo Tsubota, Osamu Yamamoto, Toru Shimizu, Kazunori Saitoh
      Pages 17-31
    3. Akira Shimohara, Tsutomu Minohara, Kenji Kudou, Haruyasu Ito
      Pages 33-43
    4. Naoya Morita, Satoshi Kitajima, Hiroshi Saitoh, Keiichirou Kuwazuru, Jun Sugano
      Pages 59-68
    5. Shinjiro Yamada, Kenichi Horikoshi, Tsuyoshi Shimizu, Hiroshi Takeyama
      Pages 77-97
  4. BTRON

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 99-99
    2. Ken Sakamura, Kazushi Tamai, Katuya Tanaka, Shigeo Tsunoda, Kanehisa Tsurumi, Makoto Kaneko
      Pages 101-112
    3. Noboru Koshizuka, Hiroaki Takada, Masaharu Saito, Yasushi Saito, Ken Sakamura
      Pages 113-132
  5. CTRON

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 133-133
    2. Tetsuo Wasano, Yoshizumi Kobayashi, Takashi Terazaki, Ken Sakamura
      Pages 135-154
    3. Kazuo Watanabe, Hiroshi Sunaga, Diane Zingale
      Pages 155-170
    4. Ichiro Takenaka, Hideo Oda
      Pages 171-181
    5. Makoto Fukuyoshi, Noboru Furuya, Masaru Ishizuka, Tadashi Ohta
      Pages 183-208
    6. Kazuhiro Oda, Norio Inoue, Tetsuya Murooka, Masamichi Nakata
      Pages 209-224

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 251-251
    2. Takashi Miyamori, Toshiya Yoshida, Hidechika Kishigami
      Pages 271-284
    3. Jun-ichi Hinata, Toyohiko Yoshida, Yuichi Saito, Akira Ohtsuka, Toru Shimizu, Osamu Tomisawa
      Pages 285-295
    4. Durga Agarwal, Fu-Hwa Wang, Manoochehr Ghiassi
      Pages 297-320
  7. Back Matter
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About these proceedings


It is almost six years since the inauguration of the TRON project, a con­ cept first proposed by Dr. K. Sakamura of the University of Tokyo, and it is almost 2 years since the foundation of the TRON Association on March 1988. The number of regular member companies registered in the TRON Association as of November 1988 is 145 which is a new re­ cord for the Association. Some of this year's major activities that I would particularly like to mention are: - Over 50 TRON project-related products have been or are about to be introduced to the marketplace, according to a preliminary report from the Future Study Committee of the TRON Association. In par­ ticular, I am happy to say that the ITRON subproject, which is ahead of the other subprojects, has progressed so far that several papers on ITRON applications will be presented at this conference, which means that the ITRON specifications are now ready for application to em­ bedded commercial and industrial products.


Project Volume architecture computer computer architecture development evolution group interface monitor operating system performance evaluation processor society validation

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