New Developments for Limb Salvage in Musculoskeletal Tumors

Kyocera Orthopaedic Symposium

  • Takao Yamamuro
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XVI
  2. Functional Evaluation of Reconstruction After Tumor Resection

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. James C. Otis, Joseph M. Lane, Michael A. Kroll, Sherry I. Backus, John H. Healey
      Pages 3-7
    3. Ryohei Suzuki, Toru Hirano, Masaaki Fujita, Nobuou Matsusaka
      Pages 9-15
    4. Mary I. O’Connor, Franklin H. Sim
      Pages 17-25
    5. Katsuhisa Amino, Noriyoshi Kawaguchi, Seiichi Matsumoto, Jun Manabe, Kohtaro Furuya, Yasushi Isobe
      Pages 27-30
    6. K. Knahr, J. Sekera, M. Salzer
      Pages 31-35
    7. Rodolfo Capanna, Cesare Leonessa, Graziano Bettelli, Battista Borghi, Roberto de Cristofaro, Cristina Martelli et al.
      Pages 37-44
    8. Tomonori Yagi, Takeo Matsuno, Seiichi Ishii, Masamichi Usui, Tetsuto Sasaki, Shinya Yamawaki et al.
      Pages 45-48
    9. Katsuro Tomita, Yasuo Aotake, Makoto Sugihara, Hiroyuki Tsuchiya
      Pages 53-57
  3. Influence of Limb Salvage on the Rate of Long Term Survival in Malignant Tumors

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 59-59
    2. John C. Ivins, William F. Taylor, Helen Golenzer
      Pages 61-69
    3. Michael A. Simon
      Pages 71-72
    4. Jeffrey J. Eckardt, Frederick R. Eilber, Gerald Rosen, Michael H. Kody, Joseph M. Mirra, F. J. Dorey
      Pages 73-81
    5. Rainer Kotz, Kurt Winkler, Mechthild Salzer-Kuntschik, Florian Gottsauner-Wolf, Wolfgang Kickinger, Christian Schiller et al.
      Pages 83-91
    6. Kiyoo Furuse, Sachio Masuda, Shinya Yamawaki, Akio Tateishi, Yasuo Beppu, Noriyoshi Kawaguchi
      Pages 93-98
    7. Mark C. Gebhardt, Allen M. Goorin, Jeffrey Traina, Antonio Perez-Atayde, Janet W. Anderson, H. G. Watts et al.
      Pages 99-109
    8. Takafumi Ueda, Atsumasa Uchida, Hideki Yoshikawa, Hideki Hamada, Hideki Hayashi, Yasuaki Aoki et al.
      Pages 111-114
    9. Taihoh Shibata, Masatoshi Sasaki, Hideo Kushibe, Kiyoshi Komi, Motoo Nojima
      Pages 115-120
    10. Jan W. van der Eijken
      Pages 121-125
    11. Örjan Berlin, Bertil Stener, Lennart Angervall, Lars-Gunnar Kindblom, Anders Odén, Björn Gunterberg
      Pages 127-130
  4. Limiting Factors for Limb Salvage Operation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 131-131
    2. A. H. M. Taminiau, J. L. Bloem
      Pages 133-135
    3. Noriyoshi Kawaguchi, Katsuhisa Amino, Seiichi Matsumoto, Jun Manabe, Kohtaro Furuya, Yasushi Isobe
      Pages 137-141
    4. Gerard Delepine, Nicole Delepine, Claude Jasmin, Leon Schwarzenberg, Georgei Mathe, Mario Ricci
      Pages 143-147
    5. A. H. M. Taminiau, J. W. van der Eijken, J. H. van Bockel, M. R. Sobotka, W. R. Obermann, W. K. Taconis
      Pages 149-152
  5. Rationales of Adjuvant Therapies for Limb Salvage

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 159-159
    2. Yoshio Ogihara, Yasuhiko Tachi, Tsuyoshi Naritani
      Pages 161-167
    3. N. N. Trapeznikov, L. A. Yeremina, A. T. Amiraslanov, P. A. Sinukov
      Pages 175-182
    4. P. Picci, G. Bacci, R. Capanna, E. Madon, G. Paolucci, M. Avella et al.
      Pages 183-187
    5. Akio Tateishi, Hiroshi Miki, Shinsei Takeyama, Seiichi Ishii, Shinya Yamawaki, Tomonori Yagi et al.
      Pages 189-192
    6. William W. Marsden, Frederick O. Stephens, Martin H. N. Tattersall, Stanley W. McCarthy, Richard Waugh
      Pages 193-198
    7. Norman Jaffe, John Murray, Kuniaki Sasaki, Huberto Carrasco, Sidney Wallace, A. Kevin Raymond et al.
      Pages 199-205
    8. Hisashi Kawano, Sadayoshi Toriyama
      Pages 207-210
    9. Shoji Takeuchi, A. C. W. Wong, Chiaki Kasai, Yoshiteru Kushida, Masao Satoh, Yutaka Nishimoto et al.
      Pages 211-217
    10. Erich J. Fellinger, Gerhard Hamilton, Ingeborg Schratter, Peter F. Ambros, Peter Ritschl, Rainer Kotz et al.
      Pages 219-223
  6. Biomaterial and Biomechanical Evaluation of Tumor Prostheses

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 225-225
    2. Florian Gottsauner-Wolf, Hanns Plenk Jr., Karl Knahr, Rainer Kotz
      Pages 227-232
    3. James C. Otis, Albert H. Burstein, Joseph M. Lane, Timothy M. Wright, Robert W. Klein
      Pages 233-236
    4. Martin M. Malawer, Daniel Canfield, Issac Meller
      Pages 247-255
    5. Burkhard W. Wippermann, Franklin H. Sim, Douglas J. Pritchard, Thomas C. Shives, Edmund Y. S. Chao
      Pages 257-261
    6. R. M. Wilkins
      Pages 271-275
    7. Mark C. Leeson, Steven B. Lippitt, John T. Makley
      Pages 277-288
  7. The Use of Ceramic Prostheses for Replacement of Bone Tumors

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 293-293

About these proceedings


Introduction of new diagnostic methods including various imaging techniques in the field of orthopaedic surgery has enabled us to make early and precise diagnoses of musculoskeletal tumors. In addition, recent progress in the chemotherapy and radiotherapy of malignant tumors has raised the five-year survival rate remarkably, although complete recovery from these treatments alone cannot be expected as yet. These medical advances naturally stimulate the search for ways of limb salvage even in malignant musculoskeletal oncology. To this pur­ pose, not only oncologists, but orthopaedic surgeons, radiologists, engineers, and biomaterials scientists should work together to design suitable surgical procedures and prostheses using autograft, allograft and biomaterials. The First International Workshop on the Design and Application of Tumor Prostheses for Bone and Joint Reconstruction was held in 1981 in Rochester, Minnesota. Participants were of an interdisciplinary nature in order to establish a basis for cooperative efforts, which have subsequently spread throughout the world. Since then, biennial inter­ national symposia have been held successively in Vienna, Florida, and Kyoto. Previous gatherings of this prestigious series were open only to a small number of experts.


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