Wrist Disorders

Current Concepts and Challenges

  • Ryogo Nakamura
  • Ronald L. Linscheid
  • Takayuki Miura
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Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XII
  2. Functional Anatomy, Diagnosis, and Basic Studies

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. John M. G. Kauer, Anthony de Lange, Hans H. C. M. Savelberg, Jan G. M. Kooloos
      Pages 3-12
    3. Ronald L. Linscheid
      Pages 13-25
    4. Louis A. Gilula, Neal R. Stewart
      Pages 27-43
    5. Yu Mochizuki, Yoshikazu Ikuta, Akira Ikeda, Tsuneji Murakami
      Pages 45-47
    6. Nobuki Ohnishi, Jaiyoung Ryu, In-Seol Chung, Richard Colbaugh, Bruce Rowen
      Pages 49-55
    7. Yasukazu Katsumi, Yasusuke Hirasawa, Satoshi Hitomi, Jun Seri, Yoshikuni Ohta, Hitoshi Okuda et al.
      Pages 61-67
    8. Kyu H. Yang, Eung S. Kang, Hui W. Park, Sang S. Chung, Sun H. Kim, Sun K. Yoo
      Pages 69-75
  3. Kienböck’s Disease

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 77-77
    2. A. Herbert Alexander, David M. Lichtman
      Pages 79-87
    3. Ryogo Nakamura, Satoshi Tsuge, Kentaro Watanabe, Kenji Tsunoda, Takayuki Miura
      Pages 89-94
    4. Takaya Mizuseki, Shigeo Jyoji, Shotaro Katayama, Kenya Tsuge, Yoshikazu Ikuta
      Pages 95-100
    5. Hiroshi Yajima, Susumu Tamai, Shigeru Mizumoto, Hiroshi Ono, Yuji Inada
      Pages 101-109
    6. Ryogo Nakamura, Satoshi Tsuge, Kentaro Watanabe, Kenji Tsunoda
      Pages 111-118
    7. Toshiro Futami, Makoto Yamamoto, Kazuhito Nakamura
      Pages 119-124
    8. Muneaki Abe, Munekazu Doi, Tsunehiko Ishizu, Toshio Hasegawa, Toshinobu Onomura
      Pages 135-140
  4. Scaphoid Fractures

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 141-141
    2. Diego L. Fernandez
      Pages 153-164
    3. J. Paul Ryley
      Pages 165-169
    4. Yoshifumi Nagatani, Kotaro Imamura, Eiji Hirano
      Pages 171-175
    5. Satoshi Toh, Seiko Harata, Ryujirou Nakamura, Sadahiro Inoue, Keiryo Nakahara, Kenji Tsubo
      Pages 177-181
    6. Kotaro Imamura, Yoshifumi Nagatani, Eiji Hirano
      Pages 183-186
  5. Distal Radius Fracture

  6. Carpal Instability and Wrist Pain

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 237-237
    2. James H. Dobyns
      Pages 239-246
    3. Vaughan Bowen, Michael Weinberg
      Pages 247-251
    4. Toshihiko Ogino
      Pages 253-256
    5. Satoshi Takahata, Toshihiko Ogino, Akio Minami, Hiroyuki Kato
      Pages 257-260
    6. Takatoshi Ohno, Yasushi Suzuki, Masahiro Asai, Hideki Ando, Takanobu Matsunaga, Takuji Tanaka
      Pages 261-264
    7. Akio Minami, Hideya Itoga, Masatoshi Takahara
      Pages 265-272
  7. Wrist Arthroplasty

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 273-273
    2. Katsumi Suzuki, Toshitaka Nakamura, Hideki Furukawa, Yoshiki Minami, Motonori Yamaura
      Pages 285-289
    3. Minoru Shibata, Hidehiko Saito, Junichi Hasegawa, Toshiaki Hara, Kazuhiko Sasagawa, Noburu Nakabe
      Pages 299-307
    4. In Kim, Jung-Man Kim, Seung-Koo Rhee, Yong-Sik Kim, Sung-Tae Kim
      Pages 309-316
    5. Adalbert I. Kapandji
      Pages 325-331
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 333-334

About these proceedings


In recent years wrist problems have increasingly attracted the attention of orthopaedic and hand surgeons. Numerous advances have been achieved in functional anatomy, biomechanics, diagnosis, and treatment. There are, however, many controversial aspects to these problems. Many clinical and associated investigators from around the world have attempted to increase our knowledge of the wrist with enthusiastic and devoted studies. An international symposium was held at the Nagoya Castle Hotel, Nagoya, Japan from March 6th through March 8th, 1991 to further understanding and promote discussion of wrist problems among a representive international group. Approximately 300 participants from 16 different countries assembled for these discussions. This monograph consists of 40 selected papers based on presentations given at the international symposium. The topics are divided into six chapters: Functional Anatomy, Diagnosis and Basic Studies; Kienbock's Disease; Scaphoid Fracture, Distal Radius Fracture; Carpal Instability and Wrist Pain; and Wrist Arthroplasty. A number of unique observations as well as detailed surgical techniques were presented. These include topics such as the vascularity of the triangular fibrocartilage, radial wedge osteotomy and vascular bundle implantation into the lunate for Kienbock's disease, Herbert screw insertion though a minimal exposure for acute scaphoid fracture, and closing wedge oseotomy of the radial styloid for the early stage of the SLAC wrist. It is hoped that this monograph will be of benefit to surgeons interested in not only achieving more satisfactory clinical outcomes, but also in stimulating further contemplation and research about these difficult wrist problems.


Osteotom anatomy arthroplasty biomechanics bone cartilage diagnosis fracture implant implantation instability osteotomy surgery tissue

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