Stem Cell and Liver Regeneration

  • Kiwamu Okita
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Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages II-XI
  2. Hiroshi Nishina, Tomomi Watanabe, Kentaro Nakagawa, Shinya Ohata, Satoshi Asaka, Toshiaki Katada
    Pages 1-14
  3. Sei Kakinuma, Ryoko Chinzei, Yujiro Tanaka
    Pages 15-25
  4. Akio Ido, Satoru Hasuike, Hirofumi Uto, Akihiro Moriuchi, Hirohito Tsubouchi
    Pages 36-40
  5. Shuji Terai, Isao Sakaida, Naoki Yamamoto, Kaoru Omori, Kiwamu Okita
    Pages 51-56
  6. Taro Yamashita, Shuichi Kaneko, Masao Honda, Kenichi Kobayashi
    Pages 74-83
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 85-87

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Cellular therapy with liver stem cells and their progeny, including bone marrow cells, is a promising new approach that will contribute significantly to the treatment of liver diseases. The existence of the liver stem cell had long been debated, but it is now generally accepted that the liver contains cells with stem-like properties and that these cells can be activated to proliferate and differentiate into mature hepatocytes under certain conditions. There is also a substantial body of evidence to suggest that oval cells are involved in liver regeneration as they differentiate into hepatocytes and biliary cells. This book is a collection of work on stem cell and liver regeneration, initially delivered at the 14th Yamaguchi (Japan) Symposium on Liver Disease. Its nine chapters present the most recent data about basic and clinical research in hepatology in Japan and other countries, providing a valuable resource for researchers and practitioners alike.


bone marrow development gene expression genes hepatocyte liver regeneration stem cell

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