Component-Based Digital Movie Production

A Reference Model of an Integrated Production System

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  • Marcus Pankow

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The ongoing digitization process affects all areas of the media industry. Within the scientific discussion, movie production is little observed although it currently faces crucial structural developments. The change to digital production processes allows new ways of cooperation and coordination in the project networks.
Marcus Pankow examines the specifics of the movie production industry and its value-creating processes, reflecting the digitization and its impact on the information systems strategy. An empirical case study analysis forms the basis for the development of a reference model for a company-wide application system to support the entire movie production process. Following the concept of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), he encapsulates established applications in services and integrates them on one platform.


Digitalisierung Medienmanagement Referenzmodellierung Spielfilmproduktion Wirtschaftsinformatik information system production

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