Domain-Specific Model-Driven Testing

  • Authors
  • Stefan Baerisch
  • Editors
  • Wilhelm Hasselbring

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages III-XIII
  2. Stefan Baerisch
    Pages 1-16
  3. Stefan Baerisch
    Pages 17-27
  4. Stefan Baerisch
    Pages 29-40
  5. Stefan Baerisch
    Pages 41-55
  6. Stefan Baerisch
    Pages 57-75
  7. Stefan Baerisch
    Pages 77-97
  8. Stefan Baerisch
    Pages 99-127
  9. Stefan Baerisch
    Pages 151-174
  10. Stefan Baerisch
    Pages 175-197
  11. Stefan Baerisch
    Pages 199-212
  12. Stefan Baerisch
    Pages 213-216
  13. Stefan Baerisch
    Pages 217-219
  14. Back Matter
    Pages 221-244

About this book


Software reuse and software quality are increasingly important topics in today’s software engineering both for researchers and for practitioners. The design and implementation of tests is especially challenging when tests are conceptualized for different variants and versions of an application.

Stefan Baerisch applies a combination of feature modelling and code generation, for which he uses a model-driven approach, in order to facilitate the design of tests by non-programmers. Thus, the reuse of tests, represented by abstract test models, for different systems under tests is made possible. The approach uses code generation to allow test execution on heterogeneous and changing implementations. This combination of modelling and code generation allows for a more integrated and more efficient testing process.


Automatisierung MTCC Software code generation design modeling software engineering

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