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Functional and Operatorial Statistics

Conference proceedings

Part of the Contributions to Statistics book series (CONTRIB.STAT.)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xix
  2. Alain Boudou, Frédéric Ferraty, Yves Romain, Pascal Sarda, Philippe Vieu, Sylvie Viguier-Pla
    Pages 1-5
  3. Ana Aguilera, Francisco Ocaña, Mariano Valderrama
    Pages 15-21
  4. Jaromír Antoch, Luboš Prchal, Maria Rosaria De Rosa, Pascal Sarda
    Pages 23-29
  5. Mohammed Attouch, Ali Laksaci, Elias Ould-Saïd
    Pages 31-34
  6. Guillermo Ayala, Martin Gaston, Teresa Leon, Fermín Mallor
    Pages 35-41
  7. Avner Bar-Hen, Liliane Bel, Rachid Cheddadi
    Pages 54-56
  8. Eva Boj, Pedro Delicado, Josep Fortiana
    Pages 57-64
  9. Alain Boudou, Emmanuel Cabral, Yves Romain
    Pages 77-83
  10. David Campbell, Jiguo Cao, Giles Hooker, James Ramsay
    Pages 85-88
  11. Enrico Capobianco, Elisabetta Marras
    Pages 89-94
  12. Hervé Cardot, Mohamed Chaouch, Camelia Goga, Catherine Labruère
    Pages 95-102
  13. Jeng-Min Chiou, Pai-Ling Li
    Pages 103-107
  14. Christophe Crambes, Laurent Delsol, Ali Laksaci
    Pages 109-116
  15. Christophe Crambes, Alois Kneip, Pascal Sarda
    Pages 117-120

About these proceedings


An increasing number of statistical problems and methods involve

infinite-dimensional aspects. This is due to the progress of

technologies which allow us to store more and more information while

modern instruments are able to collect data much more effectively

due to their increasingly sophisticated design. This evolution directly

concerns statisticians, who have to propose new methodologies while

taking into account such high-dimensional data (e.g. continuous processes,

functional data, etc.). The numerous applications (micro-arrays, paleo-

ecological data, radar waveforms, spectrometric curves, speech recognition,

continuous time series, 3-D images, etc.) in various fields (biology,

econometrics, environmetrics, the food industry, medical sciences, paper

industry, etc.) make researching this statistical topic very worthwhile. This book gathers important contributions on the functional and operatorial statistics fields


Boxplot Estimator Functional Data Functional Statistics Infinite Dimension Operatorial Statistics Probability distribution Time series Variance data analysis linear regression

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  1. 1.Laboratoire GREMARS-EQUIPPEUniversité Charles de Gaulle Lille 3F-59653France
  2. 2.Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse Equipe LSPUniversité Paul SabatierF-31062France

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