Nexus Network Journal

Guarino Guarini: Open Questions, Possible Solutions

  • Editors
  • Kim Williams

Part of the Nexus Network Journal book series (NNJ, volume 11,3)

About this book


Baroque architect and mathematician Guarino Guarini is the subject of this issue of the Nexus Network Journal. A group of international scholars were invited to contribute papers that shed light on the unanswered questions in several areas: Baroque architecture in general and Guarini’s architecture in particular; philosophy; history of structural mechanics; mathematics and history of mathematics, cosmology. As always, the NNJ takes an interdisciplinary approach to the broad range of subjects that Guarini concerned himself with, thus the final results will add significantly to our understanding of how Guarini’s actual practical and technical processes were informed by knowledge of his multifaceted scientific and philosophical interests.


architecture calculus geometry history of mathematics mathematics philosophy

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